The Mess the Chicago Bulls Are In

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IJuly 23, 2008

The Bulls for the past few season have been made as a "young" team. Well they’re not young any more. Last season there were high expectations and then everything broke apart. Who is to blame for all of this? Simply John Paxson.

The talent with the guards and forwards has the Bulls among the top of the East, which is why they have no excuse for not making the playoffs. The team for many years has been missing a low post scorer who can control the paint and set up for the talented perimeter players.

This past draft they selected PG Derrick Rose, who has potential to do things like Chris Paul did this past season. I think this was their best option for the first overall pick. From an inside source, some scouts were intrigued to move back in the draft to target a Kevin Love or a Brook Lopez, but Paxson would not let that happen.

They have all the pieces and yet still no center. The big problem right now that will get Paxson fired by the fall is with the contract talks with Luol Deng and Ben Gordon. They are not even close to deals. Why? Deng and Gordon are 2 solid players who have all-star capabilities.

Deng is the definite player they need to keep. He has the tools and capabilities to be a legit star in the NBA. He wants to sign a contract in the next couple of weeks or he will leave. Gordon is in a crowded backcourt right now. Larry Hughes is favored over Gordon right now to stay in Chicago. Are you kidding me?

Hughes can rarely stay healthy and the idea of him coming off the bench behind Kirk Hinrich will not flow with him. Gordon proved he is a better player coming off the bench, like a Manu Ginobili, which is why they need to keep him. Nenad Kristic is on the market right now.

If the Bulls were smart, they would target a player who is now fully healthy. Kristic a couple of seasons ago was talked about being the future center in the NBA. They have to take their chances on him.

The line up for next year looks like Rose, Hinrich, Deng, Drew Gooden, and Joakhim Noah. The team was hit or miss from the three-point range with their small lineup. Next season is no different. Another problem that lies on the owner is with the coaching staff. They had Avery Johnson and then failed to bring him in.

Right now, the Bulls are a mess. They do not have their best player Deng yet and look; like they are coming up with the same problem, they have had the past couple of seasons, no true big man. Way I see it Bulls go 10 games under .500 and still may make the playoffs in the East, but are no where even close to getting to a championship.