Rampage Jackson: Details Released on Prelude to his Double Arrest (Updated)

Joseph BonsignoreAnalyst IJuly 23, 2008

We should all be well aware of what happened to Rampage Jackson the week after he lost his LHW Championship to Forrest Griffin. To put it simply, Rampage has lost his mind and had a total breakdown.

After his first arrest for the hit-and-run of a pregnant woman and five-minute police chase, Rampage was taken into custody yet again.

This time, he was sent in when his neighbors and family flagged down a cop car after he threw a tantrum. He was deemed as a threat to himself and others.

Interview footage of him before any of these incidents shows Rampage not acting like himself at all. New imformation has just been released as well.

"Rampage thinks he’s God…He had a falling out with his trainer a couple of days before the first arrest. Basically he has lost his mind and is talking very religious and is saying that he is God. This is the main thing I wanted to keep hidden, but with the second arrest and Dana talking, it will come out regardless. He needs some serious help. I don’t know if you would call it schizophrenia or bipolar disorder or what have you, but whatever it is, basically it’s become impossible to have a conversation with him. He is delusional."

- Cagepotato.com

There is no way of telling that this is true right now until they actually get a new interview from him, but I honestly don't doubt it at all. It is said that Rampage has always taken his defeats poorly, but nothing to this magnitude.

We can only hope that Rampage gets the help that he desperately needs. I am not alone when I say get well soon Rampage, so you can climb the LHW ladder again.


EDIT: (Update)

"[Dana] White originally said Friday that Jackson was to be held for 72 hours [at a medical facility for a psychiatric evaluation], but that the time period would be extended.

Jackson instead was reportedly spotted at the Affliction card in Anaheim on Saturday night, just after the 72 hours would have expired. White essentially confirmed Jackson’s attendance at the rival card, saying he had asked White’s permission to attend."

Apparently he's well enough to attend MMA events now?