FoleyIsGod Reacts: Lotta Love for TNA

FoleyIsGodContributor IJune 6, 2010

For all the stuff that makes you turn the channel/grit your teeth on IMPACT!, I thought one highlight from Thursday might draw readers' attention.  TNA, in trying to either restore their karma or just shock viewers with their competence, has hired a new "big" woman to fill Awesome Kong's very large shoes.

However, in surprising fashion, they have introduced her as a sassy, babyface woman who doesn't care what others think and believes big is beautiful. What a refreshing gimmick for a mainstream wrestling promotion!  A positive message about beauty and image, coming from a potential future role model? In wrestling?

I would have expected her to be a sassy, know nothing heel that shoves her ass in the other ladies' faces, or something equally despicable, with Hogan and Bischoff's current track record.

Yes, perhaps WWE's Diva's division has scarred my already traumatized sensibilities on women's wrestling. But the TNA Knockouts somehow keep pulling me back in.  Kong represented something different, something ancient. Wrestling was once full of "monster" characters that were silently dominating. Think "Kane" in the 90s. Even with Abyss, well, the less said about him the better.

However, with the evolution (or regression depending on your perspective) into sports entertainment, many of these "Monsters" have been eliminated in favor of more realistic representations of humanity.  After all, it's not everyday we run into a six foot something giant woman dressed like a amazon warrior, looking for a fight.

Rosey Lotta Love represents that jump.  Her message: Big is beautiful.  

Of course, this message permeates throughout our society, popular in some circles, yet chastised in others. Lotta Love represents a characterization of this societal message which, in most cases, is exactly what wrestling is supposed to do.  

Time will ultimately tell how successful Lotta Love becomes. But right now, she is off to a wonderful start against the beautiful people.  Some criticize her for injuring Daffney (I haven't seen the match), but most wrestling fans would agree that injuries happen. And TNA management obviously felt confident enough to let her in the ring with Roxxi, their new top babyface.  

If that happens again, I will understand if they pull her. But for now, she is the best and brightest way for TNA to highlight their Knockouts division. I ranked the revamping of the Knockouts #2 in my previous piece, which you can check out below. ( )

Here's to hoping they get around to the other nine in the weeks to come!