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AndySenior Analyst IJuly 21, 2008

So this little idea i’ve had in the back of my head since december has finally come to frution…it’s called and it aggregates news from all the top UCLA sources including the LA Times, Daily News, Press Enterprise, ESPN, and even aggregates news from the UCLA blogosphere including yours truly. It also automatically categorizes the posts and tags them accordingly, has a section for what I believe to be the top ten ucla youtube videos, and even allows users to vote posts up and down, leading to a top posts of the day section. It’s baller.   It’s all your Bruin News, all in one place.

It’s actually fairly similiar to what the gurus over at BruinVille have done with that awesome feed.  BruinWire is a little faster and a little more all-inclusive, but BruinVille is hand selected by bruin fans and can go outside the RSS feeds BruinWire syndicates to get posts from sites like or espn or other sites. I think not only can you not go wrong with either of them, but they both complement each other quite well.

Anyways, BruinWire is up and running and I encourage you to take a look.

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