How I Would Do a TNA Vs WWE: If WWE Bought Out TNA: Week 1

Damion ClaytonContributor IJune 5, 2010

To start this up... This is what they should do if McMahon buys TNA this would be a great angle... maybe this would not be a screw up like Invasion angle was... I wasn't watching WWE/F then but still i know a little about it. So if I take some parts from it and you get offended I'm sorry. This is mainly on Raw but if smackdown i will put a notice on it. Oh and the speech from the people are shortened and it can be so you can put what you want in that area. Please Comment!!!! - Spelling Check doesn't work for me and my grammer is horrible.


To start off you need a man who is sooooo far over with the crowd so we're going to start with Jericho (need a heel, sorry edge. Or we could do it another way I'll need to think about this one) I left out orton well because if i screw this up then I don't ruin his name at least.

Version 1.

Week 1.- this is going to be just the rivalry for the WWE championship this week.

Jericho wins the WWE Championship from John Cena at Wrestlemania.

Next night Jericho comes out to talk and brag about his "great" win over Cena. Cena comes out and does his "I'm sorry everyone I let you down" speech and Jericho gets tired of hearing this crap and starts saying 'Cena needs to quit lying and learn to man up'. Cena says 'Jericho can't be talking because the only reason he won was because of Jericho used the ropes to win the match'. Jericho says 'he could be Cena anyday because he is the best at what he does'. Cena takes off his shirt (crowd goes wild... sad) and says 'you want some come get some.' Jericho throws a few punches at Cena but Cena superman's out of the situation and goes do the Attitude Adjustment when out comes Bret Hart. Bret says 'If you two are going to fight then it's going to be in a match.' Cena goes to say 'I'm invoking my rematch clause tonight' Jericho is outside the ring looking like he usually does (can't describe his look sorry) but holds up the championship. Later that night Jericho comes out with Edge (they seem to be building a canadian stable but it been rocky ever since Jericho beat Edge for the #1 contender shot) and Cena comes out. Jericho starts talking right before the bell rings and says this is a Loser Leaves WWE match and it happens to the person who is pinned. The match starts and Cena is getting beat out there and Jericho hits the codebreaker at 10:16 into the match.... Bret Hart comes out and says there's something he forgot.... and then "EXCUSE ME" out comes Vickie and says that Bret Hart has been suspended for allowing this match without approval from WWE Headquarters. Vickie then says that Edge is now in this match (looks like we're having another Vickie and Edge storyline wonderful right?). Edge goes and spears Jericho and pins him. Cena who was outside after he got beat down by Edge during the speech from Bret and Vickie. Edge gets the mik and says "that he is the new WWE champion and he is a ten time world champion. Jericho as I just pinned you. You get to leave. You think that since you stole my Wrestlemania shot i would just let it go like that. NO!!!" Edge leaves after Cena, who has a chair, comes chasing him down the entrance ramp leaving Jericho in the ring by himself. Holding his stomach says "That shouldn't have happened because I'm the best in the world at what i do. I want my rematch now" Out comes Vickie "EXCUSE ME but you EXCUSE ME asked for this match and EEEEEEXXXXXXXCCCCCCUUUUSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE MMMMEEEEEE.... and you will get what you deserve. So Chris Jericho goodbye." We end the show out with Security exsourting out Jericho.


Version 2.- I believe will be only time i use this one

Week 1.

John Cena retains WWE championship at Wrestlemania.

John Cena comes out and says 'Cenation I did it I beat the man who claims to be the best in the world at what he does. But I knew i could i mean look at him... he's like a four foot tall ?annoying man? (couldn't think of a good funny joke). Jericho comes out... Jericho says that Cena is a sad, sad man always sucking up to these hypocrites just to get a hefty paycheck at the end of the day. Cena looks at Jericho and says "you know what your right I'm sad for relying on the people who pay my paychecks. I'm just stupid. But at least this stupid man just beat your ass." Jericho "typical Cena just as weak as eve..." Cena hits Jericho with the belt (notice something there). Cena then goes out of the ring and get a chair comes in to find Edge running down to the ring. Edge enters the ring and everyone thinks he's going to help Jericho (Canadian stable) but turns on Jericho and spears him. Some random over face comes out to help Jericho like Hart Dynasty (not sure why but hey it's better then WWE creative at least) They chase Edge out of the ring. Cena hits DH Smith with the chair and Tyson kid with it as well. He beats them down until Bret hart comes out. Bret says "tonight will be a match agianst Hart Dynasty vs Cena Loser Leaves WWE and Edge Vs Jericho in a IC match (Edge won the IC title at wrestlemania agianst JoMo Great ladder match)  Everyone stares each other down.

Cena comes out later the night to cement a heel turn. he comes out starts making fun of the audience, of retarded people, midgets like Jericho and Hornswoggle, he says that the fans really can't see him because he's better then them and floats higher then any of them, he's sorry he even represented them and only did it to get up in Hollywood and says that if he loses tonight then he won't care and just will go up to Hollywood. But can any of the fans just go to Hollywood no because they're like Jericho said hypocrites.

Later the night Edge vs Jericho match Edge wins because well I love edge and this part isn't really important at least the storyline not so much. But it is a great match just like all of us wanted.

Cena comes out to a standing ovoation of boos.(I know i butchered that word up). Hart dynasty comes out to a great pop of cheers. The match starts and Cena has upper hand and since he is now heel he actually starts to wrestle. Not just a 5 move set with superman gimmick. He is turned around after the Dynasty gets a tag in for some tag action. The crowd is eating up the moment that Dynasty is beating up Cena. Cena goes out of ring and goes to walk out of match  saying "I don't need this, Hollywood here i come hahaha" Jericho and Edge come out and throw Cena into the ring. Edge and Jericho stare each other down but walk opposite sides of the ring to sit at opposite sides of announce table. They start bashing each other in commentary but it goes over and by the end the stable is reunited and working well together. Anyway Cena gets a Hart Attack and actually gets pinned (Oh My Gawd hell mustve froze over Cena just lost.) Cena comes out of ring gives the finger to the crowd (thus ending PG era.... i wish this would happen but yeah) Edge and Jericho get on mic and say "goodbye Cena we won't miss you hahaha na na na goodbye" a camera is outside and Dixie Carter is in a limo. and Cena gets into the limo and the car drives away. the show ends.




What version was good and which would you not mind seeing and which should i work on doing for now on... for the rest of the parts i would do both but for reasons of above i can't sorry everyone (if its good if not oh well it was fun writing it)