WWE: June 4th Friday Night Smackdown Review

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIJune 5, 2010

Welcome to my first review of Friday Night Smackdown in awhile.

The show opens with the announcement that Undertaker is in a "vegetative state," and will be out of action for some time.


Kane's Promo on Undertaker's "Attack"

This was one of Kane's best promo's ever, and the best by far in the last five years. The emotion and passion shown by Kane was phenomenal. He made it sound like Undertaker was actually dead! The eerie music and lighting effects complimented the segment to perfection!

This segment may have revived Kane's career, and for his sake, I hope it has. Fantastic segment!



MVP vs Jack Swagger

Yet another PPV quality match on the blue brand.

This match was full of reversals and great moves and it was a solid contest throughout. The momentum swung back and forth like a pendulum. The fans were really into this match right from the start and Swagger had some unbelievable heat.

I hope these two get the chance to shine in a long term feud at some stage.



Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre for the Intercontinental Championship

Another great match on Smackdown!

Yet again, the fans were into this match from the start. There were some great moves and counters in this match, also. My only concern is that McIntyre was on the offense much more than Kofi and the champion looked weak at stages.

The clean finish somewhat restored his status, however. The after-match happenings were a great way to continue the Hardy/McIntyre feud as well.



Kelly Kelly vs Rosa Mendes

A very good divas match but, unfortunately, it was too short to be considered a great match (by divas standards).

There were some nice moves from both divas (headscissors, etc.) which is unusual for a TV divas match. However, the match barely passed the three minute mark.



Smackdown Battle Royal to determine Undertaker's Replacement at Fatal 4-Way

It took awhile to get started but when it did, what a battle royal it was!

The contest included two amazing lucha libre moves from Mysterio and some impressive action from Luke Gallows (who actually came across quite strong). I liked the way that WWE emphasized the other feuds happening on Smackdown (e.g. Christian/Ziggler, Kofi/McIntyre).

This was one of the best Battle Royal's in recent memory.



Final Thoughts

I have to take my hat off to WWE for making the absolute best of a very bad situation with Undertaker's injury. Two great segments were created directly from that unfortunate happening.

Otherwise, there were two great matches on Smackdown. Both matches were exhilarating contests and if you haven't seen them, make it your business to watch them.

However, the highlight of the night has to go to Kane's promo. It was gripping and executed to perfection.

Final Rating: 4.6/5

Please make sure to read my article assessing the current situation with Kane/Undertaker. I will be publishing it soon.

Thanks for reading and, as always, please let your opinion be known.