The Undertaker in a Vegetative State: Back to the WWE Gimmick Days?

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IJune 5, 2010

In an article written by Bryan Veloso*, we could see how The Undertaker's vegetative state could help Kane and finally put him in an actual storyline. From that point of view, that makes sense to get The Deadman out of WWE that way.

But in today's WWE, does it still make sense to ''eliminate'' The Undertaker from the active roster by making him ''die'' or going in a coma?  

To see The Phenom dying in a storyline or even on-screen was an usual way to send him on vacations back in the day. That was when gimmicks were bigger than life, and the Undertaker could die in Buried Alive or Casket matches without being questioned.

In today's pro wrestling, there are no more gimmicks as we saw in the past.  With Internet, almost everyone knows that The Undertaker is not in a vegetative coma, but simply injured.

Nowadays, he simply used to disappear from our TV screens after Wrestlemania to come back few months later. We all know he's not on-screen due to his age, his health, and his injuries.

In yesteryears, when there was no Internet, it was easier to make the fans believe about fiction stories because they wanted to believe. They truly got their imagination caught by unbelievable angles and entered into the scenarios.   

Today's kids and fans are maybe more realistic and cerebral than before, and that's why wrestling is no longer dominated by gimmick characters and storylines. Maybe the WWE simply wants to come with more realistic angles.

Do the fans endorse the realistic image projected by WWE?

Does the WWE present a realistic product wanted by the fans?

I don't know the answer to those two questions, but I have been surprised by the last Smackdown! opening segment with Kane. The supernatural scenario presented by the WWE might only be a tryout or a new general direction they want to go.

What do you think?

Is it time to come back to bigger-than-life gimmicks or should the realistic approach remain as it is? Or do you prefer a good mix of both?