The Yac & J Show: Giving MMA What It Needs...A Good Laugh

Sam NassarCorrespondent IJune 4, 2010

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts has deep roots in the traditional martial arts which were not usually a laughing matter.  However we are in the 21st century and we have to adapt with the times and not take our dear sport too seriously. 

Mixed Martial Arts rightfully has very comical fighters, scenarios and incidents that we are all aware of.  The Yac and J show is breaking ground and breaking down the traditional walls that MMA has built up by letting us all know that it’s ok to poke fun at our sport without showing any disrespect.

With fighters like Hong-Man Choi fighting such “talented” opposition such as Jose Canseco, it is a wonder why laughs have not erupted in the sport sooner.   Fighters like Phil Baroni and Tom Lawlor openly make spectacles of themselves in order to receive attention as well as laughs, so why not go with it?

Comedians Randy J and Ron “The Yacman” Yacovetti seek to pave the way for the sport of MMA with their unique blend of comedy and knowledge of the sport.  The Yac and J show is Inside MMA meets the Daily Show with John Stewart according to its creators.  

With talented comedians steering the ship, The Yac and J Show also offers reporting correspondents that each have their own unique style of comedy and charm.  Some examples were an Iranian/Persian reporter speaking about MMA in his country, a Georgia native with a unique perspective on Herschel Walker, and a freezing cold gentleman trying to keep pro wrestling out of MMA.

I personally had the pleasure of meeting the creators and stars of the show at their premiere at Panavision studios.  Randy and Ron started the show out as a weekly web episode to test the waters with the MMA fans.  After positive reviews by fans and their collaborators the comedic duo decided to take their unique show to the next level.  

Jam-packed with ability and a unique approach, Randy and Ron are now shopping their show to TV networks with hopes of having a weekly televised show.  With networks such as HDnet, SpikeTV, and G4 out there it should take no time at all to find a home for the Yac and J show.  

With a film background, a passion for MMA, a fresh spin on comedy, and a talented cast of comics in their corner I certainly enjoyed the show.  A diverse cast of comedians really keeps you wanting more from this program due to the constant blend of comedy styles from each comedian who appears on the show.  

In a world where exceptional ideas create success, The Yac and J Show certainly fits tightly into that category.  We look forward to seeing more from this dynamic comedy duo and feel that it is well worth a spot on the DVR for an enjoyable experience. 

Our sport needs new ideas, new viewers and a new approach on coverage; this show will give you that and more.  As long as the two hosts can dodge punches from fighters with no sense of humor their futures seem to be very bright.