Pacquiao-Mayweather Or Mayweather-Pacquiao..No Matter, Not Gonna Happen.

victorCorrespondent IJune 3, 2010

Contrary to popular belief, Boxing is never as simple as putting two men inside a ring and have them bash each other's faces in. It's full of complications that starts even before actual negotiations take place.

Pacquiao-Mayweather I, was one helluva great fight, and it wasn't even on the squared ring yet. The fans participation were exceptional as well, with both parties slinging mud, cows and kitchen sinks towards each other. One of history's great fights...never took place due to severe complications that were existent even before contract drafts were made.

Currently, Pacquiao-Mayweather II is on the works. And as early as now, things are heating up so bad, promoters are policing their ranks, making sure everybody remains cool and calm. But outside the circle of negotiations, both parties' fans are at it already. If words are swords, the boxing world will be even more bloodier than it actually is.

Lots had been said and done that caused the failure on the first Pacquiao and Floyd encounter, like Floyd accusing Manny of using PEDs and that he's afraid of needles, and Manny retaliating by filing law suits and by claiming Floyd is afraid of him and that he's making childish accusations to wiggle his way out of the fight.

Now to keep outside wind from blowing in to the already glowing furnace of negotiations for the next fight (which we hope to be inside the ring this time), both parties issued a gag order. And basing mainly on the past eventualities and the characteristics of the people involved we can assume these things to be going on:


1. Floyd is demanding a bigger cut on the PPV earnings, like maybe a 55-45 or worse, a 60-40 in his favor.

2. Rematch clause by Floyd.

3. Manny dropping the lawsuit against Floyd.

4. Floyd making the grand entrance.

5. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao


1. Asking Manny to consider Floyd's 1st demand.

2. No problem with a rematch clause.

3. Will have no part of it....Floyd's legal dilemma is none of his business.

4. Will talk Manny into it.

5. Will talk Manny into it.


1. Reject Floyd's greedy proposal.

2. No problem with the rematch clause.

3. The suit's personal and have nothing to do with the possible bout.

4. Negotiate further.

5. Negotiate further.

In the event that they do agree somehow on the above-mentioned, surely more complications will arise in the future. With that, I still don't see this fight happening any time soon. Floyd will eventually land a fight with Sergio Martinez - a fighter he can easily dismantle and Manny may end up fighting Andre Berto. 

And as a fight fan who is bound to be disappointed yet again, I can only thank the poet Floyd Mayweather, Sr. - the one who started the controversy but can't substantiate it in any way, after Pacquiao made him look like a clown rather than a trainer.