The Ultimate Fighter Season 11: Episode 10 Recap

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IJune 3, 2010

DALLAS - SEPTEMBER 19:  UFC fighter Vitor Belfort (R) battles UFC fighter Rich Franklin (L) during their Catch weight bout at UFC 103: Franklin vs. Belfort at the American Airlines Center on September 19, 2009 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
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The show opened with Dana White and Chuck Liddell discussing Tito Ortiz pulling out of the fight.


Liddell said that he didn’t want to do the show with Ortiz, but that the reward would be the fight with him. White said that Liddell would still fight at the end of the show. Ortiz then explained his situation with his neck.





The fighters and coaches gave their view on how the fight would turn out.



At the house


Yager talked to his roommates about how he ends his fight quickly. He said that he knows Bryant’s game plan and that he is ready for it. Yager said, “But when you tap the chin, it’s the off button. You feel me? There’s no cardio in the chin.”


Bryant said, “I’m just going to try to take advantage of what I think I’m better at than him.”



Josh Bryant vs. Jamie Yager Fight


Round One


Both the fighters touched gloves in the center of the octagon.


They don’t waste anytime getting down to the action.


Yager and Bryant trade a shot or two until Bryant rocked him with a heavy right hook. The shot knocked Yager back to the fence where they clinched.


They traded some knees inside the clinch until Yager broke away and threw some leg shots and tried to keep Bryant at a distance.


Yager landed an illegal leg kick to Bryant’s groin causing a short break in the action.


Yager threw some crazy leg kicks during their next exchange. Then Bryant caught one of Yager’s front kicks but was unable to take him down. Bryant’s corner shouted loudly at the closing seconds of the round to “start swinging.”


Bryant landed another hard shot but this time dropped Yager on his back to finish the round.



Round Two


Yager started the round with some more leg kicks with Bryant returning the favor and landing a groin shot on Yager.


Yager did everything he could to keep Bryant at a distance.


Bryant caught one of Yager’s leg kicks and took him to the ground, where he gained side-control and established position, but didn’t land any hard shots.


Yager stood it up where Bryant held a front face lock but was taken down. Both stood up quickly there after.


Yager started to look winded and attempted some spinning back fist and side kicks.


Bryant got the inside and pushed Yager against the cage. Yager threw a kick but slipped and fell to the mat. Bryant took advantage and worked from side-control where he landed some heavy forearms.


Yager appeared to have trouble getting up and getting to his corner.


Dana White announced that the judges have declared a draw and that there would be a third round but Yager failed to answer the bell.



Winner announced


Bryant is declared the winner.





Ortiz was very upset and walked away. Ortiz said “F***ing p***ed out!” Ortiz claimed that Yager had no heart.


White called Ortiz out of the locker room and told him that he was off the show. Ortiz was visibly angry and left the training center without talking to his team.


White spoke with Team Ortiz and advised them of Ortiz’s firing.



At the House


Yager returned to the house and talked to McCray. McCray told Yager that the team was upset with Yager not answering the bell.


Ortiz showed up at the house to talk to his team.



Semi-final Match announcement


McGee vs. Tavares


Bryant vs. McCray



New Coach


White introduced Team Ortiz their new coach, Rich Franklin.


White also said that he sought to overcompensate for Ortiz’s departure and said that he has brought in an assistant coach as well.



Next episode preview


Which former UFC champion did Dana White choose for the assistant coach?


Jamie Yager and Uscola appeared to be involved in a disturbance at the house.


The next show will be a two-hour special.