College Football Conference Challenge

David HedlindAnalyst IIJuly 22, 2008

I was reading something on another site that talked about having the first game of each season reserved for a conference challenge. Each season save the first game and have the first place team of two conference play each other, the number 2s play and so on.  I was wondering how that would look.

I’m not going to play the expectations and prediction game with it though. Just putting it out there to see what would the schedule would look like for that opening day.

Also due to the divisions I am going to use bowls and overall records to determine if the # 4 team in one division might be better than #3 from the other. I may be a little off by the match ups should still work out. 

Each line represents potential match-ups. Just pick 2 conferences and see how they match up.

This years opening weekend would look like this

Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, LSU, Ohio State, USC, West Virginia

Clemson, Kansas, Georgia, Illinois, Arizona State, Connecticut

Virginia, Missouri, Florida, Michigan, Oregon State, Cincinnati

Boston College, Texas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Oregon, South Florida

Florida State, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Penn State, UCLA, Rutgers

Wake Forest, Oklahoma State, Auburn, Iowa, Arizona, Louisville

Maryland, Texas A&M, Kentucky, Purdue, Cal, Pitt

Georgia Tech, Colorado, Mississippi State, Indiana, Washington State, Syracuse

North Carolina State, Kansas State, Alabama, Michigan State, Stanford

North Carolina, Nebraska, South Carolina, Northwestern, Washington

Miami, Iowa State, Vanderbilt, Minnesota

Duke, Baylor, Ole Miss

Personally I would love to see Oregon play any of those.


1) Rematches-Games we saw last season 

1. West Virginia vs. Oklahoma bowl

2. Virginia Tech vs. LSU seasons

3. Ohio State vs. LSU bowl

4. Oregon State vs. Cincinnati season

5. Florida vs. Michigan bowl

6. Wisconsin vs. Tennessee bowl

7. Oregon vs. South Florida bowl

8. South Carolina vs. North Carolina season

All but the last one involved the top 4.

2) Actually happening (although not in the first week)

1. Ohio State vs. USC

2. Georgia vs. Arizona State

3. Georgia Tech vs. Mississippi State

4. Maryland vs. Cal