Tony Stewart Deserves to Take His Number to New Team

Dennis MichelsenCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2008

It just seems so unfair for Tony Stewart to go searching for a new number after so many years. He has become quite attached to the No. 20 and now just because he is changing teams he has to pick a new number.


Fans don’t cheer for the car, they cheer for the driver!


The driver makes the number famous, NOT the car. Drivers should be allowed to take their number with them when they pack up their desks. It’s only fair! Stewart doesn’t have children, so I am sure his number is like his own child. Come on Joe and JD Gibbs…FREE THE 20!


Where is the Uproar?


Last season when Dale Earnhardt Jr was leaving Dale Earnhardt Inc there was such uproar over him being able to keep his number. Celebrities got involved and t-shirts were sold to promote the cause. Is Tony Stewart’s number less important to him?


Unlike Junior, Tony Stewart will not be able to double his number to 2020 because it is against NASCAR rules to have more than a double-digit number. This makes the seizing of his No. 20 even more diabolical.


Come on Riki Rachtman, speak up! Rutledge Wood, how come you are staying silent? Jimmy Spencer, why aren’t you wearing a “Free the 20” t-shirt…they come in XXXL!


Is Tony Stewart less of a human? Does he deserve his number less because his name isn’t Earnhardt? FREE THE 20 RIGHT NOW!


Get your OFFICIAL “Free the 20” t-shirt here:


Class Action Lawsuit Could Happen


Despite the announcement that Stewart is leaving Joe Gibbs Racing, the Home Depot continues to sell paint in the official No. 20 team colors. Are they asking for a class action lawsuit?


Just think how many unfortunate NASCAR fans are going to fall for this scam as they try to get rid of their inventory that will soon be obsolete. How many thousands of fans will have to paint their family room?


Maybe the colors could still be used if Tony Stewart were allowed to take the No. 20 with him to his new team. Gasoline is so high and families have to make a choice between buying NASCAR tickets or food. Adding this unnecessary expense of painting a new number on their wall will doom thousands to homelessness! FREE THE 20 RIGHT NOW!


Join the Cause


You are either for integrity and Tony getting to keep his number, or you are against us! Millions of people united to save the No. 8 for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and he wasn’t even all that crazy about his number!


Junior once joked about changing his number to 6.7. Clearly anyone serious about wanting his number wouldn’t joke about such things!


You have never heard Tony Stewart say he was switching his number in a commercial, even in jest. Stewart loves his number and wears it everywhere he goes. When he races on the dirt tracks, he uses his No. 20 too!


If you are as outraged as I am by the loss of his lifelong number, then join with me and sign the petition below. Together as millions of fans united against tyranny against Smoke's number, we can prevail and convince Joe Gibbs Racing to let him have his number!