Flyers Win at Home: My Superstition Worked, What Are Your Superstitions?

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Flyers Win at Home: My Superstition Worked, What Are Your Superstitions?
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Newsflash!  I take full credit for the Flyers' overtime win last night!  Why you ask?  Because I decided to turn off the game once the Blackhawks were ahead to save the day.  This sounds ridiculous but it works for the Phillies, Eagles, and now Flyers. (I doubt even my superstitions could save the Sixers.)

The Flyers were awarded the game's first advantage when Chicago forward Marian Hossa was called for slashing, and Philadelphia cashed in on the back end of the two-minute minor.  I decided that was a good omen and watched through half of the second period. 

Then my "eeky" feeling started.  I sent Jeff to watch the remainder of the game on the 63" TV  (less you think he was banished and could not see the puck).  I had the 57" in the bedroom and began flipping channels, Flyers to news and back again.  Flyers to Food Network and back again.  Once the score was tied the TV went off and to save the game I went to sleep.  Once again I proved that I actually do have power over the outcome of a team. 

Add Game Three of the Stanley Cup playoffs to the last game of the 2008 World Series (the second half after 24-hour rain delay).  Also, the Eagles making it to the playoffs two years ago when I prayed to the god of football and all the teams in contention lost.  The Eagles won their last game to make the undeserved playoffs.

Many of you think I am crazy but I am a gambler and go around picking up vibes from craps tables and have yet to lose shooting craps.  I never press or change my dice.  I walk away from a table with a player betting on the do not pass line.  That is what superstitious people do.  I leave losing games early and listen to the wins on the radio.  I have yet to fail.

So, now that you know my secrets, how do you help your team?  What are your superstitions?  Please post to comments or take the poll.  I know I am not the only one who has these "crazy" ideas that no one can disprove.  Please share your own.  Let's have some fun before I get crazy tomorrow night when it is Game Four must win!

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