Twitters' Reaction To Jim Joyce

Brenden MonroeCorrespondent IJune 2, 2010

Twitter has become a place to go when you want to see how the rest of the world is feeling about a certain subject.

Within an hour of the call, Twitter had been filled with hundreds of comments about Jim Joyce's error.

How can I describe what took place tonight in Comerica Park?

Utterly sickening.

How does Twitter describe the Joyce's blown call? Well, some tweets were funny, some were overboard. You be the judge.

It's inexcusable that this could not be addressed. The technology is in place that a dope like me knows the call was wrong-Buster Olney

Well here comes a long-winded article on

With one horrible call, Jim Joyce stole a perfect game from Armando Galarraga and stole a shining spotlight from Ken Griffey Jr.- Adam Schefter

Don't you have a phone to answer or something? Stick with football. Griffey would have been overshadowed no matter what the outcome.

Was it me or did indian Jason Donald look slightly disappointed to be called safe? would have been funny if he argued call- John Heyman

If Donald was disapointed, he should be released tomorrow. No batter should ever be happy about getting out in that situation.

The only Thank You note Jim Joyce will get for tonight is from Don Denkinger.- YankeeMeginPHL

FYI Don Denkinger is the most hated umpire in MLB history. If he is the God of terrible umpires, then Joyce is his Jesus.

Anybody got any dreams they want ruined?-Fake JIm Joyce

Best quote of the night

Good news for Jim Joyce. NBA just hired him to call the third game of The Finals in case either team takes a 2-0 lead- Peter Abraham

That was funny, even for a guy that covers the Red Sox

Hey, Jim Joyce? Meet Helen_Keller. She would have made the right call.- YankeeMegPHL


Jim Joyce= Perfect Game Nazi- jvshackil

Easy there buddy, Nazi references in a joke went out of style 70 years ago

How does Joyce describe it?

"Biggest call of my career, and I kicked the s**t out of it...I don't know what to do. I just cost that kid a perfect game."(Joyce told this to reporter Dave Hogg following the game)

That's how my Twitter page looked. How bout yours?

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