WWE: One Hell of a Business Without Respect & Loyalty

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IJune 2, 2010

Hey guys and gals I am back.

We all know that the WWE is one hell of a business and Vinnie is the real “ultimate opportunist”—Thanks To The Professor!

I am one of those millions and millions of fans who are crazy about this business. I rave like you all do on seeing your favorite guy, get pissed after seeing the damn guest hosts and get pumped up about a PPV event.

However there is something about the WWE staff and Vince in particular which really makes me sad and that is the lack of loyalty, respect and acknowledgement shown to many wrestlers/divas/relatives of the deceased.

I know that I might get a lot of backlash for this but hear me out first!

Lets start with the rather “ill-treatment” offered to Chris Benoit!

Now, many have said that he does not deserve any acknowledgement for what he did, but I for one don’t agree!

But let me just tell you this, he put up some of the greatest matches in the history of the WWE, he sweat, he bled, he worked hard for making fans drop their jaws every time we saw him wrestle!

He even gave me and many of us one of the most emotional and sentimental moments in the WWE when he won the WHC at Mania at 20 and followed it up with a hug to Eddie Gurrero.

Does it mean that all his accomplishments should go up in smoke?

My answer, “Hell No,” for he was a wrestler first and it is his wresting what mattered to us first and not what he did to his family.

Now, let’s just see if the WWE played a part in it?

My answer: Yes It Did!

He reacted in such a manner because of the condition of his mind. Now he had taken those drugs/medication to cope with the rather “crazy and deadly” schedule of a WWE wrestler.

Now, the WWE puts guys in such a schedule that it is almost obvious that a guy will react in such a manner.

I mean these guys have to be on the road 24-7, attend events, travel, work out, stay fit, take care of the fans, etc..

Now, just put yourself in their position and think whether it will be easy, I am sure that it won’t.

So even though his actions were uncalled for but the WWE surely should be considered responsible for it, a bit.

But that was not the act of shame yet!

The act of shame was Vince Mac banning all references to once a hero and a legend, asking people to avoid taking his name, wiping out all his matches from his 24-7 library.

This is an act I for one would never do, even if I were offered billions of dollars.

I am not saying that they should put him the HOF all of a sudden but at least remember him.

So in a way they just turned him into a “never was” even though he was a huge money maker for them, he put butts on the seats, he made more money for Vinnie and how did he oblige: Banned Him Forever.

Now, you tell me if these are signs of honor, pride and respect. My verdict: “No Chance In Hell.”

Now let’s come to the way Lita was treated, though it made promos and feuds look good but literally destroyed her public image!

Lita was a great wrestler and Vinnie exploited her the best possible way he could in the Attitude Era and TV-14 Era.

She had great in-ring ability and provided for some of the best diva matches of all time. She too had the same tight schedule as other guys have, but the question is, did Vince even care about her?

The answer, short and simple: no.

I know it is scripted but the way she was projected as an actual “ho” in her last years as a diva, is actually something which was uncalled for and was the reason why she left the company. Don’t believe me? Check out her Wikipedia page.

I mean here you have a diva who makes people watch your show and when the time comes, you project her in a such a way that literally ruins her life and for what purposes—well for Vinnie Mac to make more money.

I know that she was wrong for ditching Matt in the first place, but after they got over the feud they could have turned her face to restore some respect, but they did not as it did not settle with their scheme of things.

This is what she had to say about quitting, I found it on her Wikipedia page:

  Because of her involvement in the feud, the harassment she received from some fans was so strong that she felt as if "even when [she] was walking the dog there was going to be someone yelling 'You screwed Matt!' out the window."   Eventually, she became so fed up with the treatment she was receiving from these fans, she decided that the only way to avoid such harassment was to retire altogether. Her career ended in shame.”

They dropped the curtain on her career with a much “disgraceful” “ho” sale where in Cryme Tyme sold all her stuff and belongings and DX too got in the act and that was it, the way for the WWE to thank her for enduring so much of pain, mental and physical suffering.

Check out the following videos on YouTube to see where I am coming from:





Then there is the treatment offered to Matt Hardy. Well I know that I have talked about it a lot already but this time I am trying to highlight a different aspect.

Now, I am not going to talk about him main eventing but the way he has been treated lately to push Drew MacIntyre.

I mean we all know that he is not at his physical best at the moment, and they instead of showing their concern and care for him are having him get beat up time and again, and the reason is for pushing new talent.

Now I know exactly what we want as well but who is eventually going to get the most out of it? The WWE indeed.

I mean, we all know that he has done a lot for the business so can’t they just be human enough and for once put aside their own personal benefits, this to me is something for which I for one can’t respect them.

Then let's come to the way Mickie James was treated before firing her, I mean I just don’t get this thing.

The WWE uses every wrestler and diva like an asset and once they are to fire him/her they literally waste them so that their respect is lowered when they retire.

I mean they started calling her “Piggie James” and that was utter BS again.

My question is, where did the damn respect for the employees go now?

I mean first they treat them like they are their own creation and now, bamn! She is a no body and then they fire her!

That’s it? That’s how you acknowledge them and thank them for their work for the business?

Then there is the “disgraceful” act of using Eddie Gurrero’s name after his death to further fatten their wallets!

This thing makes me go "What The F#@K!"

I mean, here you have the entire WWE Universe trying to come to terms with it and above all his family, who are trying to make peace and rather than consoling them they are displaying their inhumane nature for money.

I mean Damn It! Come On!

They are human beings as well, not just well-toned wrestling machines; they too have emotions and sentiments.

This is indeed a disgraceful act which shows the WWE’s lack of “actual” loyalty to many people.

One more thing I would like to add to this is the fact that many might say that they had a tribute show to show their loyalty to it, well? Think about this, whom did the ratings go to? The WWE. Also if you still don’t agree then my question is that why wasn’t their much mention about guys like Umaga and Test? Well it is simple—because they new that it would not make money for them.

This also adds up into the list of things for which I am disappointed. I mean if I remember there was no mention at all of Umaga the day after he passed on RAW.

I don’t know as to whose fault is it, but seriously, does this seem to be something which you can respect? Well I can’t!

One more thing I would like to add to this is the way Ric Flair was treated the last time we saw him on RAW!

Now I agree that many people will not agree here and to be honest Flair has lost my respect for tossing his HOF ring around, but I did not like the fact that they had him get punted as his last appearance on the WWE.

So in a way they ended his golden career spanning a lot of years with a punt to his head, well something which might not be a really bad thing but makes me scream, “Where Is the Damn Respect?”

To end my explanation, I would like to take the recent example of the way Batista was unceremoniously made to quit!

Now to be honest I don’t know either whether he will return or not but making him a top earner, a top guy along with Randy and Cena, the face of SD from 2005-2007, was handled very, very embarrassingly.

I mean he was duct taped and that has to go down as a huge embarrassment against his Hall Of Fame “Worthy” Career.

Not only this but they made him retire in the worst possible way they could and there was no acknowledgement of his contribution. He was literally dumped from the company with no respect whatsoever.


BTW guys, this was just an opinion for which I want an answer, no offence to anyone who reads it or to the WWE staff, just looking for your take on this!

That’s it guys, my view on the WWE being one hell of a company, but at times which sort of goes over the edge for money and somewhere down the line ignores the emotions of its wrestlers and fans.

So what do you guys think, does the WWE ignore the wrestlers at times and concentrate more on their personal benefits or am I wrong? Please surely leave comments and reply!





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