RAW Viewer's Choice: A Glimpse of Hope or Just Another Mess?

Buzz M.Analyst IJune 2, 2010

Hello, IWC.

I think by now, you're all aware that next week's RAW will be the first-ever three-hour RAW Viewer's Choice Night.

According to wwe.com, members of the WWE universe will be able to log on next Monday to choose the matches, stipulations, and opponents they want to see compete during that night’s three-hour live event, featuring superstars from both RAW and Smackdown.

Most of you might be familiar with PPVs like Taboo Tuesday or Cyber Sunday, where the WWE universe had the chance to choose stipulations of matches or choose a potential opponent to face a certain champion.

But this time it's completely different.

Next week you'll have the chance to choose any type of match, with any stipulations and any opponents. For instance, you can choose Edge vs. Sheamus in a ladder match. Or maybe John Cena vs. Undertaker in a submission match.

I'm not trying to propose such matches, but I'm only giving examples of how it goes. However, I don't think we'll be able to make world title matches since "Fatal Four Way" matches are official. But still, I think this is the fans' best chance to try and let WWE know what they really want to watch.

For all the IWC members who are nagging and complaining about the misuse of a certain superstar, it's now your chance to give him/her the chance to appear in a better competition. It's now your chance to select any diva, mid-card or top superstar that you like or whom you think has great ring skills but is being mistreated by WWE, and put him/her in the match in which you always wanted to see him/her.

WWE ended their article with this statement, "Don’t miss the opportunity to offer your opinion to help shape WWE history during this unprecedented event."

My only question is," Are we really going to shape history, or will it just be a mess?"

I'm asking this question for one reason. We might be able to choose the types of matches, but we shouldn't forget that the results might not be what we wished.

Shawn Michaels was chosen twice at Taboo Tuesday as the number one contender for the world title, but he still couldn't win. This will sure happen next week. I mean, don't expect to have Cena lose against a chosen MVP in a No DQ match.

With this said, I'll try to give my own suggestions on how IWC can make this show effective for the future.

The first suggestion is to choose any mid-card or rising superstar whom you think is misused and put him in a highly competitive match.

You can put guys like Matt Hardy, MVP, Kane, The Miz, Evan Bourne, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and many other superstars, in matches against top superstars like John Cena, Undertaker, Edge, and others.

Regardless of the outcome of each match, the whole point behind my suggestion is to try and send WWE officials a message. By choosing such matches, WWE might take your choices into consideration for any future event. They might have a better idea about which superstars WWE fans want to see shining.

This may sound like a great idea. But still, many people would argue that WWE might not think of your choices in such a way. They'd even justify their thoughts with the fact that WWE officials already know the fans thoughts of certain superstars—they don't need such an event to learn more about them.

Unfortunately, I can agree with them on this one. I mean, we're all reading hundreds of articles trashing the WWE for not pushing the likes of Christian or Matt Hardy. No need to mention numerous petitions signed by IWC members demanding a push for certain superstars.

Furthermore, such voting might not even work with us if we put into consideration the parents and kids' effects on the show, and maybe on voting. WWE might consider those people as the true fans of WWE in the PG Era.

For me, I don't think that just because we put Matt Hardy against John Cena or Undertaker, WWE might think of a future push for him. The outcome may even backfire on Hardy. Therefore, the suggestion above might only be ridiculous if we think about it this way. But it won't hurt if you give it a try.

This simply takes me to my next suggestion, which might be the obvious choice for many of you. Ever since I joined this site, I've read hundreds of inspiring articles about dream matches. Maybe this would be the best chance to watch such matches in reality.

You could arrange matches between superstars who never faced off before. Or you can simply make unpredictable matches. Putting two opponents with similar statuses against each other could help.

We can make matches featuring a top superstar vs. top superstar, rising superstar vs. rising superstar, mid-card vs. mid-card, or even jobber vs. jobber.

John Cena vs. Undertaker (a warm-up for an expected Wrestlemania match), Edge vs. CM Punk, Sheamus vs. Big Show, Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth, John Morrison vs. The Mizz, and MVP vs. Matt Hardy are matches with unpredictable outcomes.

Adding stipulations such as TLC, No DQ, Last Man Standing, Extreme Rules or submission could help.

I'm aware that we can't have every type of match, as the WWE might have some limitations. Of course, we can still have a rising superstar face a top superstar or any other wrestler whom he has never faced before.

It doesn't need to be limited to my thoughts. The whole point here is to arrange rare matches that we've never seen before that can be hard to predict.

We can even select divas matches like Natalya vs. Gail Kim, or we can finally make Serena wrestle her WWE debut match. I'd even suggest we throw team-laycool against each others and shut their mouths for once.

Of course, I don't need to remind you about tag team matches where you could make new teams.

Next week could be your chance to witness a match you might not be able to watch again in any future event. Regardless of any restrictions or limitations the WWE might have on our choices, I still think it won't have major effects on the show's concept.

But I still have limited info about next week's show and I don't know how the voting process will look like. It seems like it'll be done live during the show.

My only concern is about the effect kids and parents could have on the voting.

Again, I ask you, are we really going to shape history? Will our choices have an effect on any future event? Or is this only a voting show that would be forgotten as soon as it ends? Whatever you think about it, I still say let your voice be heard.

All thoughts and comments are welcomed. I'll be glad to listen to any suggestions regarding next week's show. I'm sure we'll be having dozens of articles making their own proposals, and I even hope we can agree on certain matches for which to vote.