Why The Fortunate Sons May Never Be

Ryan SzAnalyst IIJune 2, 2010

After watching this weeks Raw and NXT season finale I'm pretty sure in stating that the Forunate Sons stable that was to be led by Ted Dibiase is not going to be made. Even Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler commented on how Dibiase was the Fortunate Son singular, which would make an uncomfortable transition in Fortunate Sons as Dibiase is being made into a younger version of his father, complete with assistant Virgil and Dibiase even trying to imitate his father's signature laugh when he talked to Bret Hart.

It's obvious that the WWE really wants to push Ted as a legitimate threat by placing the focus soley on him rather than spread it around the stable of 3 or 4 second or third generation wrestlers. Yet the stable could have been something really great, probably better than Legacy which was basically used to push Randy Orton. But it came down to two things I believe preventing this stable being made.

1. NXT

After seeing the preview of the second season of NXT there were a few people that could have been in the Fortunate Sons with Ted, namely Husky Harris (Mike Rotunda's Son) and Michael McGillicutty (Mr. Perfect Curt Henning's son). Why the name changes for these men I have no idea, especially in Joe Hennings case. With these two teamed up with Ted they could've made a great stable. Husky Harris would be an enforcer a la Luke Gallows/Batista and Henning could've gone for the US or IC title like the young Randy Orton or even been a tag team with Ted, yet they are put on NXT.

I think this was for the two of them to get more experience and expopsure before joing the main roster of the WWE. It also was for the WWE to pad the weak roster of the second season with some wrestlers that might have some talent and don't come off as lame characters like MVPs rookie.

So there may still be a chance for the stable to be made if it is this reason but I wouldn't count on it.

2. TNA already did it

TNA made a stable a few years ago called the Next Generation which had the sons of Jerry Lawler, Bob Watts, and Ric Flair. None of these guys with the exception of Brian Lawler could wrestle but that is not the point. If the WWE were to create the Fortunate Sons then they would be criticized for copying TNA which is something they don't want to be branded with. Also with the fact that 9 times out of 10 the sons of legendary wrestlers can't compare with the work of their fathers didn't help this group survive.

With all this said there may be a slight chance that this group is formed as I feel they have a better chance of success with the sons of Ted Dibiase, Mr. Perfect, and I.R.S. But only time will tell if this group will form and if it will have the legs to be a legitimate force within the WWE.