TNA Needs To Be Saved Here Is How Pt 1

Scott WallaceContributor IJune 2, 2010

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 27:  TNA President Dixie Carter and wrestler Hulk Hogan attends the launch of his book 'My Life Outside the Ring' at Madison Square Garden on October 27, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

I want to say that i have "crossed the line" i really dont enjoy WWE it's the same matches over and over and over. But TNA is making me start to think i messed up by coming over to there show.

What TNA has been putting on tv is not what I crossed the line for but is  what will make me go back to watching the WWE.

I used to come into work and talk about the matches I watched on TNA trying to make some of my co-workers see TNA as what i was seeing them as. Which is that TNA stands for Total Nonstop Action. But as time went on some of the wrestlers that i like was being let go. Or was starting not to be used in the right way. Petey williams let go. fallen angel fell off of the show. Joe with tazz that didnt last long. J-leathel turned into a walking joke.

The six-sided ring that was taken away from me. But as for now i am staying with you i want to ride this dark time out for TNA but will they keep me wanting to ride the storm out.

How to fix TNA.

1) Give me and the fans our six-sided ring back. If we wanted a four-sided ring we would watch the WWE. TNA matches flows better in the six-sided ring. Your wrestlers make fast moves off the ropes give them the ropes to work with. The matches had a fast pace when you had the six-sided ring. I dont care if old wrestlers doesnt like it. ( i will get to them later.)

2) Push the the X-Division. That is the backbone of TNA it is those matches that the fans go crazy for. ( not having the band winning the tag titles). Build the X-Division around 6 guys to start with Kazarian, Shannon Moore, Jay-Leathel. Bring back Christopher Daniels, and Petey Williams. Put the title around Jeff Hardy. This will make the X-Division mean something right off the bat. I know Jeff is a really big star to put in this Division but people will buy PPV's to watch him any where you put on the card so let him have some great matches with the rest of the guys on the list.

Next time i will go over the Knockouts, and the Tag Teams. so let me know wht you think.