My Impression Of Next Season On NXT

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IJune 2, 2010

Well I'm back to writing for the first time in months, maybe a year I can't remember. As many of you saw that Wade Barret won the first season of NXT. I congratulate him because He really deserved it. I would of rather seen Skip Sheffield win but that is another story.

As many of you also saw we were introduced to the new pros and rookies. After seeing that I really wonder what the WWE was thinking on some of the matchups. First off Kaval (better known as Low-Ki or Senshi) is with Lay-Cool. Someone was on something when they made that pair. I mean he seemed so serious and ready to wrestle in his bio that I think it will be another situation where he is held back by his pro like Brian Danielson.

Next off we saw someone who should have been a pro this season, John Morrison. Now I think he could teach a young rookie a lot of tricks. However he can't teach his rookie anything. No offense to his rookie but he is huge. John may be able to teach him some psychological things but nothing in the form of high-flying manuevers.

Now we also some some other pair ups that worked. I mean Miz got a rookie exactly like him. An idiot who is cocky as hell and has a crazy obsession with his hair. Seriously that makes three guys obsessed with their hair.  We have The Miz, CM Punk, and the new guy Alex Riley.

We also get to see some second and third generation superstars in Husky Harris and Joe Hennig. I don't care what WWE calls him he is Joe Hennig and that is what I'm going to call him. I'm actually supriese neither one of them had DiBiase as a pro sinc eHusky's dad worked with The Million Dollar Man and Joe was supposed to be in a stable with him. However they did get some pretty good pros.

We also had some guys who made me think what the hell. Specifically Percy Watson. I mean what the hell. He calls himself a ladies man but he was borderline gay in his bio. I hope M.V.P won't kill him self by being this guys pro.

In closing I'm looking forward to seeing Eli Cottonwood, Kaval, Lucky Cannon, Titus O'Neil, Hennig, and Husky Harris. I don't want to see Alex Riely or Percy Watson. Those are my first impressions of season two. Leave your comments below if you have ideas that I didn't cover. Berndt out!