What Feuds I Would Have On WWE Raw and Smackdown Over The Summer

Jonathan SlatterContributor IJune 2, 2010

RAW and Smackdown’s writers are often criticised for not giving us compelling programming and that is true at times as who actually wants to watch Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero make out and watch a repeat of the terrible rivalry that was Chavo Guerrero and Hornswoggle?  But Vince McMahon enjoys it and that is what the writers are trying to do, satisfy him. Anyway if I was the lead writer of Raw and Smackdown what rivalries would I create to make compelling programming over the Summer months? Well, here I will explain what I would do with the Superstars on offer if I were in charge.


Raw is loaded with star power but quite a lot of the time the talent is wasted. So if I was in charge heading towards Summerslam, here are the feuds that I would create.

The main rivalry for the WWE title would be what WWE’s writers are doing at the moment, John Cena vs. Sheamus. This rivalry has the potential to be heated and create a new dimension to Cena's character while at the same time getting Sheamus over as an unstoppable monster. Sheamus would be getting the better of Cena right up until the Raw before Summerslam when Cena would find a way to avoid Sheamus and give him an “Attitude Adjustment”, which is an awful name for a finisher, and show Sheamus that he’s not to be messed with. Sheamus then would shock Cena and the WWE Universe by defeating him cleanly at Summerslam and then over the next two months Cena would be chasing to get his title back.

On Raw, the second main event would be between Chris Jericho and either Randy Orton (if his injury isn’t serious) or a returning Triple H if it was. If it was Jericho vs. Orton it would be the top face and top heel, in my opinion, going at it and they wouldn’t even need the title to feud over. Jericho could do what Edge attempted to do unsuccessfully by questioning the fans as to why they like Orton but not him when he hasn’t punted the chairman of the WWE and practically tortured the wife of Triple H. This would upset Orton and get the fans even more behind him because it’s coming from the best man on the mic’ in WWE who really knows how to wind up the fans. Their match would be a good one as well and probably steal the show. Also by Jericho continuing to bring Triple H into the rivalry, it would set Triple H up to come out after Jericho and Orton’s match and start a feud with Jericho.

I would use Orton and Jericho’s old foe Edge to get over one of the top upcoming talents R-Truth. This could be done for the United States Championship with Edge saying he will retire it and create a new title, the Canada Championship. This would instantly get heat on Edge and get the fans in the United States firmly behind R-Truth and if Edge can get main event level matches out of Truth then he may be the next man to get a shot at the big title, the WWE championship.

Feuding over the tag titles would be the Hart Dynasty and the Uso’s. Even though it is starting just now, this one could continue for ages, as both teams are energetic plus because they both have female valets it gives many match options rather than just having one on ones and tag matches between the two. This rivalry could be based on both teams wanting to hold up their family honours, Hart Dynasty, the Hart family and the Uso brothers, the sons of Rikishi who of course is related to many wrestling legends such as The Rock.

There are two other feuds that I would create which could be part of the Summerslam card. The first is John Morrison vs. Ted DiBiase. This already has a basis with Morrison starting a rivalry with Ted before he injured his ankle and if Virgil stays around it adds more to the story of J’Mo turning down becoming DiBiase’s new Virgil. It could end with Virgil turning on DiBiase and DiBiase being humiliated again which could add another side to Ted with him becoming even more aggressive in trying to put things right.

The other PPV quality feud would be between Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson whatever he will be called and The Miz. It would mean that the two align with someone, which would help to elevate the two people they team with while continuing the Bryan and Miz feud. The tag partner for Bryan would be Evan Bourne. Although Regal seems like the obvious option with the way he has been acting on NXT during Bryan’s promos and him being the trainer of Bryan, I think Bourne and Bryan would be a good team with them both being small but having different styles, Bryan the technical wrestler and Bourne the daredevil. Miz would then go looking for a quality partner and bring out at Summerslam Kaval, better know as Low-Ki. This would help to introduce Kaval to the WWE Universe by putting him in a match with some of WWE fans favourites.

On the undercard of RAW the rivalries I would have would start with Goldust and Zack Ryder, with both having weird personas this would become a quality undercard feud as both can go in the ring and are good at comedy. Another feud would be Justin Gabriel with Tyler Reks, returning to the main roster, against Primo and his cousin Tito (Orlando) Colon. Gabriel and Reks would be a good pair because of Gabriel’s South African background bonding well with Reks’ surfer persona. It also means that Primo can use his family to get back over with the crowd and the Colon’s can go onto feud with the tag champions after and continue the family heritage angle with an extra team. David Otunga would get into a feud with William Regal over respect with Otunga believing that his famous background alone can get him over but Regal attempting to show him you have to be able to wrestler too. This would help Otunga develop his wrestling skills by working with someone as technical as Regal. Skip Sheffield and Vladimir Kozlov would get into a feud over the attention of Regal because they both want him to train them but can’t get on with each other. Finally, after being the first eliminated from NXT, Michael Tarver has to earn a contract and over a number of weeks he takes on difficult wrestlers such as Santino, The Great Khali and Mark Henry.

For the Divas I would keep the Eve and Maryse rivalry going till Summerslam as their feud is starting to get over with the fans and bring the Divas division more respect once again. Gail Kim and Jillian would feud over becoming the number one contender for the Divas title with the winner getting a shot at Night of Champions. Alicia Fox would continue to be Zack Ryder’s valet and occasional wrestler and the Bella Twins would continue to be the “celebrity whores”!


Smackdown is harder to decide with most of the star power being on Raw.

The main feud over the summer would be Undertaker vs. Jack Swagger. This would continue Swagger’s process into main event stardom by working with a legend like the Undertaker. Despite Taker getting near the end of his career he is still extremely popular and can always produce a high quality match. Swagger has looked like a weak champion during his reign but if he defeats Taker people will start taking notice of him.

Fighting over the Intercontinental championship would be Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler gets the shot thanks to his romance with Vickie Guerrero. Ziggler and Kofi are both great wrestlers who always involve the crowd. This would lead to a number of great matches and elevate both men with Dolph getting extra heat due to being with Vickie. This would show the leaders at the top of the WWE hierarchy that Kingston and Ziggler are two future main-eventers. It would also make the Intercontinental championship seem special with them both producing high quality matches.

Rey Mysterio’s summer opponent would be Cody Rhodes. Rhodes has impressed since moving to Smackdown and a program with Mysterio may be just what he needs to get over with the fans as anybody Mysterio feuds with seems to go on to bigger and better things and Mysterio always has great matches with them. It would also get Rhodes onto the PPV in a high profile match.

The “Chosen One” Drew McIntyre would feud with Kane. When Kane has the right opponent he can produce super matches. Therefore this would show whether McIntyre has the potential to main event one day. It would also get Kane over as a monster if they involved Drew’s real life wife Tiffany in the story due to Kane going after her at points and he could return to being "The Big Red Machine" and have his last big run in the WWE.

The winner of NXT, Wade Barrett, would enter into a rivalry with Christian. This could be started with Christian saying that Barrett had it easy on NXT and didn’t have any real challenges. He tells Barrett to prove that he’s the N(e)XT best thing in the WWE by defeating someone as experienced as him. This would help Barrett get over, as the two of them are good technical wrestlers and so would produce good matches.

The straight edge society would all have different feuds, which would go on until Bragging Rights where the Straight Edge Society would team up to take on their four enemies. Anyway, over the summer CM Punk would be involved in a feud with his NXT rookie Darren Young with Young suggesting that Punk should have guided him more and then brawling with him. The next week, Punk calls him out and Punk says he disagrees with him and blames Young himself for not becoming straight edge and choosing his own fate… a battering. Each week brawls occur until the blow off at Summerslam. Luke Gallows would be involved in a feud with Big Show after he cost Big Show the match at fatal-four-way when trying to help Punk win even though he loses. This would elevate Gallows as a single wrestler as Punk cannot help him due to Young being his nemesis. The masked man would be revealed as Joey Mercury and he would immediately be engaged in a feud with Matt Hardy. This would happen after Hardy has a match with McIntyre after it’s revealed that McIntyre has been faking the letters from Mr McMahon and if Hardy wins McIntyre is fired. Hardy is about to hit twist-of-fate when Mercury comes out from under the ring and hits Hardy with a chair and McIntyre wins therefore setting up Mercury and Hardy with a feud. Serena also gets into a feud with Kelly Kelly because Kelly is caught drinking in the woman’s dressing room and Serena bitches that Kelly is a disgrace to the WWE Divas division for doing that and they cat fight. This leads to Serena finally wrestling and showing the Divas that she is dominant and wants the Woman’s title but also gives Kelly an opponent.

Talking about the Woman’s title Laycool would break up as Michelle wants the title all to herself but Layla says that it was herself that got the pin and not McCool. These two brawl each week with the blow off at Summerslam and with Layla becoming an extremely good wrestler McCool may improve as well.

On the undercard of Smackdown, Shad Gaspard would feud with MVP by saying to MVP that he is not the most valuable player on Smackdown but I am. This would be a good way to use MVP in a feud because Shad would finally have someone proven to feud with. The last NXT that I’ve not mentioned, Heath Slater, would return as a heel and feud with JTG as he says he tried to be a crowd pleaser like JTG but it doesn’t get him anywhere. After Slater wins this feud JTG turns heel after realising that getting fan support is getting him nowhere and then starts to go further up the roster and into the hunt for the Intercontinental title. Chris Masters would feud with Chavo Guerrero over the services of Rosa Mendes with the majority of their matches taking place on Superstars and Chavo would win her services. Finally the Dudebusters would be stuck in a feud with the only other tag team on Smackdown Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer.

So that’s what I would do. Please, leave a comment at the bottom of the page and tell me what you think of my picks for the Summer feuds and what you would do.