The Brett Favre Lottery

Ryan GaydosSenior Analyst IJuly 22, 2008

You would've never thought that a blue collar guy like Brett Favre would cause such a ruckus throughout the National Football League. After weeks of jawing back and forth, the Packers just might trade Brett Favre. This is not a surprise, since I don't think he was going to play for the Green Bay Packers anyway.

But, the questions are where the Packers would trade Favre to and what a team would give up to get a man in his late thirties and is at the end of his playing days.

The best choice for Favre is probably Minnesota where he won't have to worry about weather conditions, because he'll be in a climate-controlled dome area. That wouldn't be a smart choice for Green Bay, because obviously he would still be in the NFC North. There are still teams that need quarterbacks, though.

Bills Starter: J.P. Losman or Trent Edwards

Chiefs Starter: Brodie Croyle or Damon Huard

Dolphins Starter: Cleo Lemon, John Beck, Chad Henne, or Josh McCown

Falcons Starter: Matt Ryan

Lions Starter: Jon Kitna

Jets Starter: Kellen Clemens or Chad Pennington

Raiders Starter: Jamarcus Russell

Redskins Starter: Jason Campbell

Vikings Starter: Tavarias Jackson

Now, here is the Brett Favre lottery. You can eliminate teams that don't really have a deep wide receiving core, like Kansas City and New York. The Buffalo Bills have a cruddy offensive line, so you can eliminate them too. Oakland seems to have all their eggs in Jamarcus Russell's basket, so you can throw them away. The Dolphins also seem to have their choice, and they also really like John Beck, so Favre won't go to Miami. Detroit and Kitna are in love with each other, and Kitna already promised ten wins again—throw Detroit out. 

My final three come down to Atlanta, Minnesota, and Washington—all NFC teams. Don't count on Minnesota, because the Packers would have to play them twice. It comes down to Atlanta and Washington. I'm sure Favre wouldn't mind going to Washington and playing the Giants twice, but Atlanta looks like they need him more. Favre already mentored Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, why not Matt Ryan in Atlanta?

The winner of my Brett Favre Lottery is the Atlanta Falcons. It makes sense in a way. The Falcons have a dome which Brett Favre could do well in, since he'll be free from the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. The Falcons also have a strong receiving core with Joe Horn, Brian Finneran, and Roddy White. Favre also gets a fast running back to work with in Michael Turner. He can also mentor Matt Ryan in his rookie season.