Batista Is Gone, but Fear Not Because We Have the 'Celtic Warrior' Sheamus

Mr. TaylorSenior Writer IJune 1, 2010

What's up Bleaches? ''No time to waste, so let's bleach it!''

As many of you already know, ''The Animal'' Dave Batista quit wrestling for the WWE during the May 24 episode of Monday Night Raw.

Now Batista might be gone for now, but I would expect to see him back in the company every now and then for special occasions and would expect to see him in some shape or form, coming back just in time for next year's Wrestlemania.

I however was extremely gloomy after he left, because I became very fond of his new heel persona and didn't want to see him leave the company just when I was getting back into his character again.

Batista might be gone, but the WWE already has the perfect replacement to take over Batista's main event spot, over on Monday Night Raw.

This man stands at 6'6" and weighs 260-plus lbs. He hails from Ireland and is the first ever ''Irish born'' WWE Champion. He is ''The Celtic Warrior'' Sheamus.

Batista left quite a gap on Raw, as far as heels are concerned, and I think that Sheamus is the best possible choice to become the third top-tier heel (Along with CM Punk, Edge and Chris Jericho) on Monday Night Raw.

I would expect to see Sheamus fill that spot and become a permanent main-event guy and remain in the WWE Championship picture for a long time.

Sheamus has tremendously gotten over since his feud with Triple H and his mic-skills are above average, so he can easily hold his own against some of the best talkers in the business today.

Sheamus can easily pull heat now and finally has a strong connection with the fans in a very decisive way, so I would expect his second WWE title reign to surpass the first one and prove why he is now worthy to be WWE Champion.

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