Straight Edge Society's Mask Of Purity

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent IJune 1, 2010

Hey Bleacher Reporters and Commenters... I know many people have made an article on CM Punk's New mask and all, and is something you guys all know about. Before this thing could get published I had to send a sample of my writing to Bleacher Report to get it approved so this was originally written on Friday attached to an email to Bleacher Report for that New Writers Application thing, and apparently one buisness day means 3 days for me. I apologize if there is any spelling or grammar errors as this is my first article and the spell check doesn't highlight or point out the mispelled words so it'd be difficult to go through my entire article looking for the errors, (yes I am a bit lazy but hey I'm human) And if there is any errors there is very few. But hey its here anyways so anyways this is purely an opinion/prediction article not a spoiler for any upcoming shows or future PPV event just my take on the current situation with CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society, so here we go!

If you all watched Smackdown last week you saw CM Punk doesn't have his hair, yet we didn't see him bald. To escape the shame of losing his hair and being bald like his followers, to show he is the Leader of the Straight Edge Society and to show he's STILL better than you he came up with something quite interesting and very smart. A custom Straight Edge Society Mask.
He fooled us all and were pretty sure we'd see a bald Punk for the first time. The audience reaction to it was purely perfect to the situation. CM Punk lost at Over The Limit, he was shaved by Rey Mysterio at Over The Limit. Backstage he was shaved COMPLETELY. On Smackdown Teddy Long stated that Punk was as clean shaven as him. Backstage Punk was asking Serena and Gallows if he looked alright, I was fooled. Now he qualifies for the Fatal Four Way PPV for the World Heavyweight Championship. With Rey Mysterio taking some time off for surgery where does this leave Punk and his new mask??
Well for one I think CM Punk is keeping the mask for a long time, unless WWE wants to unmask him in the next coming weeks which I think would be dumb. A whole new angle can be drawn from this new SES mask a great one at that. This is what I think can happen.
CM Punk with his new mask, can come out and preach as usual. Talk about how this mask symbols purity and Straight Edge. How he is STILL better than you, yet to become a step closer to him and purity and leave all the drugs and alcohol and abuse, you can buy a custom Straight Edge Mask (if they do decide to sell this, like the Rey Mysterio Masks). With this mask you show you are better than the other people in the crowd and are with Punk to purify and save the lost. When Punk shaves a person's head like he does sometimes, he can also give them the Straight Edge Mask to put on as well. During his entrances if anybody near the ramp has a Straight Edge Mask on he can do what Rey Mysterio does, and put his head to theirs, to show purity through CM Punk. By the way since Serena and Gallows were his first followers, and follow Punk everywhere they don't have to wear the masks, signifying they are already pure with Punk with their heads shaved.

If Punk wins the World Heavyweight Championship at Fatal Four Way, he can go on saying he is the real Champion, being Straight Edge and all like last year, and eventually bring in more followers into Straight Edge. All of them wearing masks slightly different from CM Punk's (whatever WWE chooses to do with that), even the Masked Man can stay with a Mask if he wanted to! Eventually leading up to entrances with the Straight Edge followers with their masks standing on the edges of the ramps with their hands raised with Serena, Gallows and Punk walking down the ramp.
Who knows? That was just what I pictured what could happen. A pure fan made prediction. The Straight Edge Society can do some Big things in the WWE, and either way I hope they make a really impact in the WWE in the long run.