Michael Phelps Set to Help Fix Oil Spill In An Amazing Way (Satire)

Christopher Chavez@@Chris_J_ChavezAnalyst IIJune 1, 2010

The Gulf of Mexico may never be the same again due to America's biggest oil spill. That is until a hero can step in and save the day. America needs a hero that works well with water. Who else is better than the world's best swimmer, Michael Phelps?

BP has to get its act together. They recently asked whoever created a fake BP account on Twitter to take it down and stop mocking the oil spill. That says that a BP worker was on Twitter when he noticed someone making fun of their job. Aren't there bigger things to be concerned over instead of someone mocking an all ready joke of a company's approach to a big problem.

Enter Michael Phelps.

The Olympic gold medalist has agreed in principal to dive down to the broken pipe that is causing the oil to continue to spill and put a metal lid on it. This is all since filling it up with garbage and mud isn't working. Cementing it sounded like a good idea, but it has its downside. Sawing the top off and putting a cap seems good, but the cap might not fit.

Phelps will be led to the pipe with five robots built to explore underwater. Two robots will serve as lighting and guides to the spill root. Three robots will carry oxygen tank replacements. He will be equipped with one oxygen tank with a signal that will tell another robot to replace the tank carefully.

It is a risky move. But Phelps wants to save not only the plants and animals of the gulf, but also the many jobs people are losing as a result. 

Phelp's dive will be recorded and will be aired in BP's live feed of the oil spill. He promises to wave to the camera quickly and get the job done. 

There has not been word yet if a submarine will go down to those deep depths and have a cavity for Phelps to climb in after he finishes the job. Many experts say that he will have to swim his way back up or have a small jet pack to have him rocket back up.

Phelps spoke about the plan at a recent Orioles baseball game saying, "I am gonna be swimming to depths usually unknown to man. But I am not a man. People are always criticizing me and calling me a freak of nature due to my talents. This is the time for me to unleash my inner beast and become a hero."

The record-setting swimmer will be tackling a new challenge. This time it is bigger than anything he has every taken on before.