Tonight's WWE NXT Season Finale: Who Will In It All?

Christopher DunfeeContributor IIJune 1, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, I want your take on who should win the inaugural season of the WWE NXT show. We have three rookies left, and in my eyes only one stands out and should win it all. We have David “A-List” Otunga, Justin Gabriel, and Wade Barrett.


NXT Rookie:  Wade Barrett

According to the WWE he is a “Bareknuckle Brawler.” He is from Manchester, England, weighs in at 275 pounds, and stands at 6'5" tall. Impressive numbers for any man let alone a possible future WWE Superstar.

What Wade Barrett is missing is a strong persona and the charisma to carry it. What he is not missing is his in-ring ability. He is by all means a rookie, and most definitely needs to be molded into an acceptable WWE character. 

On size and in-ring technical talent alone, he will bring something to the WWE. WWE could possibly give him a manager; someone like William Regal comes to mind. If they did, the fans will begin to love and hate him. 

Will he win tonight's WWE NXT? No.

Does he have a future in the WWE? Yes, but only if the WWE gives him the opportunity and the tools to continue to develop.

Another intriguing thing about Barrett is that fact that we really haven’t seen some one with his look in the WWE. He has a different look, and if he can develop his unique appearance as part of a character, he could turn into a WWE Superstar. 



NXT Rookie:  Justin Gabriel

He hails from Cape Town, South Africa and weighs in at 217 pounds. He stands at 6'1" and is the smallest of the three NXT finalists. His in-ring style and energy is like no other. When I think about him, I always find myself comparing him to another great young talent in the WWE, Evan Bourne. 

Gabriel definitely has a “pretty boy” look to him that the girls will come to love and men will love to hate. He needs to get rid of occasional ring rust and also needs to be more comfortable cutting promos.

His 450 splash is superior to any seen today, but is not comparable to Juventud Guerrero’s back in his days in WCW. Of the three finalists, he would be the rawest and would need the most time to get to that mid carder spot on a SmackDown! roster, let alone the RAW roster.

Will he win tonight's WWE NXT? No, he will not.

Does he have a future in the WWE? It’s all up to Justin Gabriel, the amount of time he puts in, and how badly he wants it. 



NXT Rookie:  David “A-List” Otunga

He is the self proclaimed “Kanye West of the WWE,” and the jury is out on whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

He weighs in at 240 pounds and is from Hollywood, California. He stands at 6' tall, making him the shortest of the three finalists.

Otunga is the most marketable of the three and has the “It” factor. He is continuously featured on TMZ, the E! Channel, and Celebrity Magazines due to his romantic relationship with singer Jennifer Hudson.

WWE wants to continue to capitalize on this free publicity. Beginning next week on Monday Night Raw, “the A-List” will be featured on RAW and will soon be cashing in his contract for a World Championship match (if not on SmackDown!).

Why? This man is the total package, he is better in the ring than Batista but has the same muscular physique as Batista. Otunga would be the perfect replacement for "The Animal."

He knows how to cut a promo whenever he wants, and you can even compare him to The Rock in the way he commands attention. This is not to say he's on the same level as The Rock, but he's close. And he's young. 

Will he win tonight’s WWE NXT? Of course he will, no doubt about it.

Does he and will he have a future in the WWE? He already has a future with the WWE, if done correctly your new “A-List” in the WWE will be none other than David Otunga.


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