Canadian Hockey-Lovers Need More On ESPN

Greg MarshCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2008

Ok, I understand that hockey may not be the first choice of highlights to see on SportsCenter for most people, but the coverage really is ridiculous.

The highlights usually only cover one or two games, when most nights there are at least ten or more games.

If ESPN is supposed to be the "Worldwide leader in sports" then where is the dedication to one of, if not the greatest sport there is?

I mean they have had Barry Melrose, who definitely knows his stuff.

But, how is the hockey-loving public getting their daily-dose of hockey highlights?

I guess there's always the Internet, but I'd like to watch it on TV.

Much more clear.

I really don't know how to get through to the bigwigs at ESPN, but we really need more attention paid to all of the games.

If not highlights of every game then cover at least a few more?

I mean, they cover just about every single NFL, MLB and NBA game, why not the NHL?

Wayne Gretzky definitely played a huge part in bringing the NHL to the U.S market; maybe the hockey-crazed fans need some kind of greatness to make the NHL at par with the rest of the American pro sports market.

Until that happens, I guess I'll get my fix on