Why the Bills Should Deal for Favre

Eric FisherCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2008

With Brett Favre reportedly being shopped by the Packers as they attempt to defuse what could be a season-poisoning bomb that will hamper the transition of the team to the Aaron Rodgers' era, many teams' names could be thrown into the mix of suitors.

However, the division most heavily loaded with a need for effective QB play is the NFC North. The Green Bay cold will turn hot before the Pack deals No. 4 to the Vikings or Bears.

So who could be a possibility? The Buccaneers come up often, and logically so, as Jon Gruden never met a QB that he didn't like to work with. But the team that should make a move is the Buffalo Bills. They've lagged in the cellar for almost a decade now, failing to reach the postseason since the 1999 season that ended with the infamous "Music City Miracle" play.

When assessing a trade's logic for a team, a few categories always must be evaluated to judge the wisdom of a particular trade. They include need, cost, fit, and potential impact. Look at Buffalo from these viewpoints, and they all add up.


Need: The Bills QB depth chart includes budding young starter Trent Edwards, who took over the job last year and performed admirably despite limitations of himself and the offense as a whole. Behind Edwards is JP Losman, a former first round bust, who will likely not be on the Bills' roster past this year.

Favre would immediately give the Bills a huge upgrade over Edwards and could serve as a great fit as a mentor. There is no better man than Favre to tutor a young QB on playing in harsh conditions, which was an issue for Edwards late last season.


Cost: If you put on Packers GM Ted Thompson's shoes, you wouldn't enjoy your seat at the bargaining table in making a deal for Favre. Everyone else knows Thompson has to find a way to move Favre or risk poisoning his locker room and fan base with controversy. Also, he risks setting back the future for Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers.

With that being said, any team dealing for Favre will not pay anything near his potential value. Teams will likely give a few draft picks, with first rounders being out of the question. This makes the leading TD passer in NFL History a huge bargain.

Though the Bills are in the middle of a youth movement, they are in desperation mode for a playoff berth. Hopes are running high in the city. With a potential scare of a possible move to Toronto on the horizon, the Bills' franchise needs something positive to happen, and now. A few middle round draft choices will not undo the young collection of talent the Bills have been obtaining the last few years.


Fit: This is where the deal really makes sense. Favre is the best cold weather QB in the league. Buffalo is one of the toughest three stadiums in the league for winter conditions late in the season. Favre could mentor a young and promising Trent Edwards, who would benefit from his tutelage for a year rather than being cast into the fire.

Favre would help spread the ball to Buffalo's receivers who might remind some of the largely young and unproven group in Green Bay last year who developed into an effective WR corps catching passes from Favre.


Potential Impact: Pairing Favre with young star RB Marshawn Lynch and speed demon WR Lee Evans would be an instant upgrade for a Bills team desperate to improve its offense and reach the playoffs. Favre would immediately elevate the Bills to playoff contender status, and, likely being just a one year investment, doesn't set Buffalo's move toward the future back.

The benefits of a boost of confidence for a potentially surging young team and the tutelage of a young QB from a master of the elements could not only take Buffalo into the playoffs in 2008 but will pay dividends for the seasons beyond.


If you weigh up all the factors, Favre could pay off big-time for a young team and a city hungry for something to get excited for. At the once in a lifetime bargain price Favre will likely be moved for, the Bills can't afford to let this offer go.