Lonely in Dallas: Rallying the REAL Mavericks Fans

Byron MotenCorrespondent INovember 23, 2007

http://msnbcmedia1.msn.com/j/apmegasports/200705032305831533832-pf.hmedium.jpgIt's been a tough six months for Dallas Mavericks fans.

Everybody in the world picked the Mavs to win the NBA title last spring. And then came the Warriors in the first round of the playoffs.

In the wake of the upset, skeptics called us flukes  and choke artists. When the '07-'08 NBA previews came out, some critics even picked the Rockets to overshadow the Mavs in the postseason.

That's when I knew all the bandwagon jumpers were gone for good—and that it was time for the real Mavs fans to stand up.

I've been a fan of the Mavs since 1988—when coach Dick Motta and Co. took the Lakers to seven games in the Western Conference Finals.

Since then, I've seen it all.

And it hasn't all been pretty.

I was there for Roy Tarpley's meltdown in the 90s. I was there when Quinn Buckner and Jim Cleamons ran the team into the ground. I was there when Toni Braxton broke up the three J's.

Most of all, I was there for 10 straight losing seasons...never doubting that things would turn around.

IconChange finally came in '01, when Mark Cuban took over and started building a winner.

Don Nelson's offense; Dirk, Nash, and Finley running the show; Nick Van Exel lighting it up off the bench—the good times were back, and the Mavs were in the hunt for an NBA title.

We almost got it against the Heat in '06—before the refs robbed us. In any event, fans from all over jumped on the Dallas bandwagon, and hung around until the collapse against the Warriors.

Now that they're gone, its time for the Dallas Mavericks to win one for us—THE REAL MAVS FANS.

We're the ones who gave our blood, sweat, and tears through the good and bad times. We're Rowdy, Loud, and Proud every damn night—evenwhen  the boys aren't playing.

If you're a Dallas Mavericks fan, and you feel the same way I do—let me hear about it. This is our year. Let's enjoy it.