Belting Away: Adrian Beltre to Minnesota Twins

Padua FiretailCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2008

One of my favorite lasting memories from Yankee Stadium will be Aaron' Boone’s 2003 ALCS walk-off home run.

It was this homer and my memories of the 2001 Seattle Mariners juggernaut, which contributed to my enthusiasm for the Twins’ acquisition of Aaron's brother Bret in 2005.

After coming home from Bret's debut at the Metrodome, which resulted in a loss, I was faced with my dad's queries about Boone.

I commented positively about Boone's patience at the plate although the ball certainly did not seem to be jumping off his bat.

Boone never found his swing and went on to hit .170 in 53 at bats for the Twins with zero extra base hits.

Now the Twins are apparently discussing another trade-deadline deal with the Seattle Mariners.

After thinking about how the combination of Beltre and (the now released) Richie Sexson (Adam Dunn/Jack Cust come to mind), I responded to my buddy's question with this:

"The rumored Beltre to the Twins doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense. I mean, his contract is huge, so Seattle would have to pay for a lot of it. Buscher is doing fairly well for the moment, splitting time with Punto/Harris. Harris is actually starting to hit like he did at the beginning of the season and deserves a spot. Punto and Buscher can split time. Realistically the Twins need to just eat Mike Lamb's contract when Cuddyer comes back from the DL. I love their outfield... they are also set at 1st, C, 2nd/SS (Casilla will likely switch to SS next season)... so it could be worse. And there is the Liriano factor who could jump in at some point."

Seattle would be paying a substantial part of the contract and maybe they would take a package involving Mike Lamb/Adam Everett, Philip Humber, and a couple of high level, likely pitching prospects.

Humber, who was acquired in the Santana deal, is struggling in AAA with a 5.92 ERA, while giving up 37 walks and recording 54 strikeouts (1.46 K/BB ratio).

Will Beltre become the next Shannon Stewart who became a tremendous sparkplug for the 2003 Twins or Rick Reed who pitched well but was not enough to take the Twins to the next level?

Still the idea of acquiring Beltre is a very tantalizing one because of his .347 average against lefties, which would be a huge asset for the Twins.

His splits reveal Beltre is hitting the ball well of late with a .321 overall average in July (53 ab's). His ability to drive in runs coupled with his power (16 home runs, which would lead the Twins) would be a huge asset as a five hitter in the lineup to protect Morneau.

While Jason Kubel has hit better than expected, he still has not been able to make teams pay for intentionally walking Morneau (0/4 if memory serves correct, not including the All-Star game).

Likely though, I do not see the Twins actually making the move because they would have to give up way too much in terms of pitching prospects to acquire Beltre, not to mention the $12 million he is going to earn next season.