Schwarzer Wanted By The Gunners; Could It Be The Downfall Of Fulham?

Antony HerbertAnalyst IIIMay 30, 2010

SANDTON, SOUTH AFRICA - MAY 30: Australian goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer gestures during an Australian Socceroos training session at St Stithians College on May 30, 2010 in Sandton, South Africa.  (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)
Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Fulham got into the premiership with money—no one can deny that. Mohammed Al Fayed revolutionized the club and the fans were forever grateful.

And one purchase has kept them in the highest division in England for the last couple of years, elevating them clear of the relegation zone.

That same person helped them to a Europa League final, and that same person is the reason why Fulham have earned a reputation of having a frustratingly yet at the same time wonderfully stubborn defence.

That man is Mark Schwarzer.

His consistent performances are the reason why many feel abundantly confident in placing him within their fantasy football team.

He has brought in points by the bucket load by gaining clear sheets here, there, and everywhere.

The only time you need to switch to your reserve keeper is when the starting eleven for the Cottagers come up against the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United, and Chelsea.

They have even conquered Liverpool! Although with the Merseyside team's dramatic downfall, that was an easier accomplishment than it would have sounded at the start of the recently run season.

Yet Arsenal wants to snatch him away, and understandably so. With his ever increasing mountain of powerful credentials, every team should surely be after the awesome Aussie.

And the Gunners need him like a cat needs a tongue. Their title challenge halted this season with some clumsy surrendering of points. They need a keeper who will afford them a goal difference worthy of champions.

Fulham fans would be reduced to tears if the move came into fruition. Their team without Mark would leave goals piling in from every angle unless they could find a worthy substitute.

For the pessimists out there, surely lightning won't strike twice.

At least with the funds from the sale, they could attempt to rescue their distinct defensive reputation.

They could even use the excess for a Mark Schwarzer helpline, to aid those not able to come to terms with the exit of a legend!

Thankfully, for the time being, Schwarzer has played down the speculation about a possible move to the Emirates.

Fulham are on the charge, and surely Schwarzer can see a reason to stay. Maybe he has visualised an even greater campaign for the 2010/11 season. That’s an optimistic reason to stay if ever there was one.

If all else fails though, then all Fulham need to do is send him into hibernation after the World Cup, hide him in the locker room in Craven Cottage, and deny all knowledge of his current whereabouts.