What's Rampage Jackson's Next Move?

Jake SauickieCorrespondent IMay 30, 2010

LAS VEGAS - DECEMBER 07:  UFC Light Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts Champion Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson arrives at Spike TV's 2007 'Video Game Awards' at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on December 7, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As all of you know by now, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson lost to "Sugar" Rashad Evans by unanimous decision on Saturday night.

While I hate to say it, Rashad did a good job and deserved to win. He had a good gameplan and out-wrestled Rampage, which I did not expect.

I tip my hat off to Rashad for delivering a good performance.

As for Quinton, I'm very disappointed to see he lost to an Ultimate Fighter winner yet again.

But that's what you get when you take long layoffs, don't train hard enough, don't come up with a strategy, and don't take your opponent seriously. 

Quinton is right, though, when he makes statements about Rashad and Forrest "not being in the same league as him."

I agree with this 100% and I will explain why.

Quinton has fought in MMA for a long time, eleven years to be exact.

Before Rampage made it into the UFC, he simply coasted on pure talent and almost no training whatsoever.

One pure ability alone, Rampage compiled a 25-6 record in MMA.

Mixed Martial Arts isn't easy. Quinton made a name for himself just through his heart and soul.

Rashad and Forrest are good fighters. They have heart, skill, and lots of dedication. But neither of them have Quinton's natural talent.

It's so scary to see someone with all this potential and they aren't able to harness it.

Before Rampage gets back to fighting, I think he needs to sit down and actually address his flaws.

Jackson doesn't have a strategy when he fights. He makes stupid mistakes, like not checking leg kicks and not taking his opponents serious.

Honestly, I think Rampage should train with guys at Extreme Couture or Team Black House. I would like to see him train with Wanderlei Silva.

But lets look at Jackson's pros and cons.

Quinton's strengths are his boxing, wrestling, iron chin, and submission defense.

His weaknesses are his ego, and his inability to stick to a strategy.

Without a doubt, Quinton needs someone to make a gameplan for the fighter. If someone out there could control Quinton, and mold him into the perfect killing machine he could be, Jackson would be unstoppable.

But as of now, he's probably at home, resting and trying to get over the nightmare he just went through.

Let's just hope he doesn't go on another RAMPAGE, like he did in California after his loss to Forrest Griffin.

Quinton needs some time off to rest and think. But not too long because he needs a fight to stay active.

Here are a few possibilities for Quinton.

Thiago Silva : Thiago most recenty lost to Rashad at UFC 108. Silva wants the UFC gold and his only losses were to former champions Evans and Lyoto Machida.

A win for Thiago easily puts him into the title mix, especially if he finishes Quinton.

As for Quinton, this fight is an easy win for him and it keeps him active. Thiago is almost as cocky as Rashad and would be willing to throw hands with Rampage.

A quick knockout over Thiago makes Rampage relevant in the title picture again. A win after that would most likely put him into number one contender territory.

Forrest Griffin : Forrest and Quinton have a history together. They coached on the Ultimate Fighter. They didn't get along and Forrest took Quinton's title.

I am positive Rampage wants this fight badly. Not only would a win over Forrest help Quinton out, he would get to avenge his loss to the man who took his title.

This time, I'm certain Rampage would train and take Forrest seriously. The only question is, would Quinton be able to finish Forrest like he almost did the last time?

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira : Little Nog is his name and he just fought on the same card as Rampage last night.

He was scheduled to face Forrest Griffin. But after an injury, late replacement Jason Brilz stepped in.

It was a very competitive fight, and deserved fight of the night in my eyes.

I'm sure most of you think it's controversial that Brilz won. But in the end, I see Joe Rogan and Little Nog's point.

Little Nog finished the fight on top of Brilz and he was pushing the pace of the fight.

As good as Brilz looked, I do see that as the determining factor that won the fight for Little Nog.

Since Nog came awat with a win, and is looking for title contention, a fight with Rampage is perfect for Antonio.

As for Rampage, a win over the little Nogueira would look great on his resume, seeing how Nogueira is an elite fighter and would easily get Jackson noticed again for a shot at either Shogun or Evans.

Ryan Bader : "Darth" Bader is a very tough light heavyweight and wants to be a champion.

So far, the only tough challenge Ryan has had was Keith Jardine. Bader needs a win over somebody in the top ten to get what he wants.

Why not pair him up with Quinton?

A win for Bader definitely shows he is ready for the best guys at light heavyweight and that he's deserving of a shot at the light heavyweight title.

As for Quinton, a win over a young talented fighter like Ryan will keep him active and show that the younger guys aren't ready to take out a guy of Rampage's caliber.

Lyoto Machida : Dragon vs. Rampage sounds like an amazing pay per view card.

Lyoto is just coming off of his loss to Shogun and Quinton just lost to Rashad.

The UFC just paired up the winners, Shogun and Rashad. Why not pair up the losers?

The winner easily puts their name back into the title picture and gets a shot at the winner of Shogun-Evans. Kinda like Couture did after his win over Mike Van Arsdale.

A win for either fighter is great for their career. It would be a great fight to watch because one of them is definitely going to sleep.

Rampage is one of my favorite fighters in the sport. I only want the best for him.

He has all this talent, but no one to truly guide him and make him the great fighter he is.

I hope he comes back with a rebound win over any of these guys, and is able to get back the title that once rested around his waist.


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