No Fourth Round Needed: Rashad Evans With The Clear Victory

Michael EastContributor IMay 30, 2010

While the dust settles from last night’s UFC 114 in Las Vegas, there has been talk of the main event fight needing additional rounds.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

All fighters have the same responsibility to end the fight, and Rampage is no exception. Every fighter (or anyone who has watched this sport) knows that anytime a fighter leaves a fight to the judges, the outcome is unknown (and final).

 As fighters work their way up the chain, they have 3 rounds to prove who they are what their intentions in the UFC will be. For fans (and columnist) to say that “Rampage was just warming up” is about as accurate as saying the “Little Nog” clearly won over Brillz. Rampage had one opportunity to finish the fight when he landed a solid shot in the 3rd round that sent Rashad to the canvas, but was unable to finish due to what appeared to be Rampage simply losing steam.

In the main event last night, “Sugar” Rashad Evan (15-1-1) earned a clear and decisive victory over Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (30-8) in an exciting display of athleticism, control and effective takedowns.

After blogging less than a year ago that he was “Done” with the UFC and off to film a major motion picture, can anyone really argue that Rampage’s head was anywhere in the game?

Leading up to this fight, Rampage entered his camp at a scale-tipping 251lbs. Coming out of Hollywood, focusing on losing 40+ lbs, making deals with the WWE and generally keeping his MMA career on the back burner cost Rampage a very publicized fight.

Yes, Rampage was visibly mad at the Pre-fight trash-talking and yes, there was a time when he would have destroyed Rashad Evens, but it wasn’t at UFC 114 and it wasn’t even close.

Sorry folks, no fourth round needed.