UFC 114 Results: Michael Bisping Wins Stand-Up War With Dan Miller

Jesse MotiffSenior Analyst IMay 30, 2010

LAS VEGAS - MAY 28:  UFC fighter Michael Bisping  weighs in for his fight against UFC fighter Dan Miller at UFC 114: Rampage versus Rashad at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on May 28, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Michael Bisping entered the Octagon at UFC 114 in desperate need of a victory. He left with a unanimous decision win over Dan Miller and still in good standing in the UFC middleweight division.

Many felt Miller would try and take Bisping to the ground, while Bisping wanted to keep the fight standing for as long as possible. 

The first round saw a good exchange of punches from both fighters, and Miller landed several leg kicks, trying to soften Bisping up for a takedown. No takedowns were even attempted in the first round and Bisping appeared to loosen up at the end of the round.

The second round was quite similar to the first. Both landed several punches, but Bisping began to check the leg kicks and counter with punches. Bisping landed a good head kick in the middle of the round, although Miller immediately countered with several shots of his own. 

It wasn't until the third round that Miller even attempted a takedown. He was successful in getting Bisping down, but the Brit was able to work his way back to his feet almost without hesitation. Miller landed a good right to Bisping's head, but the former winner of The Ultimate Fighter shook it off and continued to land a wide array of punches. 

Miller will likely second-guess himself for not trying to take Bisping down sooner in the fight. He showed better stand-up skills than most expected, but that's not his game. Although Bisping showed good takedown defense, Miller still would have had an advantage had the fight gone to the canvas.

Bisping keeps himself in the middle-of-the-pack at 185 pounds, but he's still at least two or three wins away from fighting for the title. 

In the end, Bisping was the victor in the judges' eyes. They scored the fight 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28 for "The Count".



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