Why is Kyle Busch Fighting With Milka Duno? Oh Wait, it's Just Danica

Justin G.Correspondent IJuly 22, 2008

Danica is at it again.  Her voice is up in tempers, she is complaining, crying, and trying to defend herself.

She said she came over there calmly, so why did she not stop after Milka said, "OK", then said get away, then had her pit crew say, "OK". 

HEY DANICA LEARN TO LISTEN ITS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU! It reminds me of a grade school playground where you can watch the little kids fight over who has the fatter dad.

But if that's not where you have seen this before, then you are probably seeing this with Kyle Busch, EXCEPT that he is too much of a wimp to walk over to the guy he wrongs.

I'm getting sick of these whiners in motor sports.  Maybe, just maybe, females do not belong in motor sports.

Take a look at the situation, Milka was riding her line and most likely saw Danica.  Now this is practice, what is Danica's hurry? She could've easily waited for Milka to complete her turn and pass her on the next one.  So after the session she tromps over there like a little boy and steroids.

Or Chrissy Wallace, she did cause the crash.  You have got to wonder, why don't females succeed after all these years they have tried.

Or there is the situation in Indy, no, not the pit crew one, the one where she crashed, she got out and started crying. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm sick of her whinny self and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

It is a good thing she did not go over to NASCAR, we would have her and Kyle Busch slapping each other like little girls in the school yard in a cat fight.

For the fight I say they fine her.  Hey Danica, I hate to say it, but you are a role model.  You should not be over there fueling the fire of the fight.  You should not be swearing. So fine her $500. Actually, don't, because then we would have to hear her whine again.