My Top 10 Future WWE Top Shots & How Will I Vault Them To The Top!!!

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IMay 29, 2010

My Top 10 Future WWE Top Shots & How Will I Vault Them To The Top!!!

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10. MVP

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9. Kofi Kingston

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8. Drew McIntyre

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7. Dolph Ziggler

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    At no.4 we have "The Guru of Greatness", John Morrison. Ever since he got drafted to SD last year, he has inching closer and closer towards the top prize time and again. The OMG love the crowd has for him, along with his great in-ring antics and the personality to be a top a star has kept him at my list at no.4. He has won the Tag Team Title, The IC Title and was also the ECW Champion but still something is keeping him from reaching to the top of the food chain. One of them is Mic. his skills, which need polishing, and improvement and other being the lack of a storyline feud. What Is The Way Out-The best, and I mean the best thing possible is to have him get in a feud with Edge, a grueling, hard fought victory over Edge, can push him to the limits and can sure as hell put him in line for the next to take away the gold. Why should it be done-It’s simple, he needs a feud where in he needs to come out on top against a big guy so as to prove his worth to one and all that he is indeed here to stay. Edge is the perfect choice as, his heelish and “couldn’t care less about others” antics will clash really well along with Morrison’s public friendly, persona. This can also provide for many back and forth’s on the Mic. between the both of them and hence can help him improve his talking skills as well. Also, this allows him to fight with someone who has been a top star himself so that will help to teach him, as to how does a top guy handle the spotlight and how does he carry himself in front of the capacity crowd.

No.3 The MIZ

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