Dear WWE, It's Time To Retire Hornswoggle

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistMay 29, 2010

For four years now, the WWE has had one character that has been getting on the nerves of many wrestling fans, Hornswoggle.

Hornswoggle appeared on WWE TV for the first time in 2006, and has since been a staple in the WWE programming.

The character started out as Finlay's little helper who would come out from under the ring and distract and even attack Finlay's opponents. Eventually, the gimmick earned some fanfare from the younger crowd, but he only upset the older folks.

Now I am 27, and I still consider myself young, but I feel like an old man when I complain about Hornswoggle because I know he is supposed to attract more child viewers.

Since the angle involving Finlay and Mr. McMahon where they were trying to determine who was Horny's dad was ended, Hornswoggle has been thrown from bad story to bad story.

His worst angle to date is that of the little DX member. DX isn't even around anymore and he still runs around in their shirt and carries their glow sticks.

His feud with Chavo was entertaining for about two seconds. I am not saying that Dylan Postl is not a talented performer, on the contrary, he seems very dedicated to getting the character over, I just feel like WWE is using him at this point for an agenda that he should not want to be a part of.

WWE experimented with pint-sized wrestlers in the past, but no one has lasted as long as ol' Hornswoggle has. In fact, he may be the most famous little person on TV right now, but that does not mean he is being used in the right way.

I want WWE to retire the character altogether. I think it has gone way past its expiration date and needs to be scrapped. 

The fact that Christian is teaming with him is almost an insult to Christian.

He left a top spot in TNA to be paired with a leprechaun.

I hope the WWE does the right thing soon and writes him off TV permanently.

What do you think, has Hornswoggle overstayed his welcome?