If Paul Heyman joins TNA, everyone will "cross the line"!

Omar MohamedContributor IMay 29, 2010

As Kurt Angle would say it, it's true ... it's damn true! Heyman is what TNA exactly needs. He's the evil genius that will change professional wrestling once again! One of the many advantages Paul E have is his connection with the fans. He knows what we want and he will give it to us because he is simply a part of the fans and like ECW, he will make us a part of the organization. He will have under his hands a roster full of talented wrestlers and mic-workers. He will achieve his dream of having Kurt Angle. He always considered Kurt to be his superstar. Now Paul Heyman will need to get rid of some wrestlers and get some new ones. Let's start off with the ones getting rid of:
1) The Band: A bunch of over-fifty years old who are wasting TV time for nothing but showing how awesome they are. Really?
2) Orlando Jordan: A bisexual character which has nothing to do in here. Bad wrestler, zero charisma, no crowd reaction and has no place in the locker room.
3) Rob Terry: The biggest botcher of all time. Very limited moveset and no crowd reaction. How can't you hate him?
Now to the list of people Heyman must bring in to TNA:
1) Tyler Black: the ROH World Heavyweight Champion. This guy is really impressive. Awesome wrestler, has the look and is only 23 years old. He will definitely be something in TNA
2) Shelton Benjamin: The guy who always deserved to be World Champion in WWE. The most athletic wrestler in recent years.
3) Mike Knox: Yeah, he's a big man but he's a good wrestler and he has a look to be the big-man poster boy type. The beard, you know.
Now, let's go to something more important. I see that the roster of TNA with these additions and removals will still remain huge. Roster cuts will be a bad idea considering that TNA has a very good roster. So there's an idea that will help everybody ........... TNA BRAND EXTENSION!!! Yes people, you heard it. This is undeniably the solution. We have main-event stars: Kurt Angle, Sting, Jeff Jarret, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam. That's plenty for main-event stars on ONE show. So we need two shows. Leave iMPACT! on Thursdays and introduce a new show on Mondays or Tuesdays. Each brand has its championships and PPVs with Bound For Glory and Slammiversary as inter-promotional PPVs and the rest ten PPVs divided among the two brands.
Also, The Impact Zone needs to be expanded for more seats. It must take up to 5,000 seats. This will be better for the shows as i will add the factor of fans going crazy. Also, it needs to be re-designed. The fact that the ramp is at the same level of the ring makes me sick! Also when PPVs are held, they need to change the stage only for it.
One more thing: the X-Division must return. Matches involving multiple wrestlers from the division like the Ultimate-X should return.
That's it. I hope that you've enjoyed my article and let's hope that Paul Heyman takes over TNA.