Why Virginia Will Be Crowned Lacrosse Champs

Kyle MillerContributor IMay 29, 2010

FOXBORO, MA - MAY 24:  Steven Brooks #44 and Evan Brady #31 of the Syracuse Orange attempt to defend the net against Shamel Bratton  #1 of the Virginia Cavaliers, who scored on the play,  during NCAA Lacrosse Semifinals at Gillette Stadium on May 24, 2008 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The final score was 12-11. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The fans of the Cavaliers have been blessed with this lacrosse team this season.

They have the best team on paper and they are out there in the Final Four to prove why they are the real thing.

The main reason that they are the best team out there is because of their tremendous midfield play.

Their groundball totals are amazing and they blowout other teams in that category.

The midfielders and defense mainly make up a large portion of that stat. Due to the defense picking up so many ground balls, it pretty much means that they force a lot of errors and turnovers.

The one and only problem upcoming for them is that today they will be taking on the only team that was able to defeat them this season.

This team goes by the name of the Duke Blue Devils led by record setter Max Quinzani, who is always a threat to score.

In the previous matchup between the two, Duke absolutely dominated the faceoff game, winning 17-25 of the faceoffs, which led to a lot more scoring opportunities for the Blue Devils.

If the Cavaliers want any chance in winning, they will need to win more faceoffs.

They don't need to win every single one, they don't even need to win 50 percent, but as long as they win at 40-45 percent they should be fine since Virginia is truly a better team than Duke.

Another issue is that Duke has been hot lately and no team has gotten in their way of winning the title as of yet.

I honestly feel that if Virginia doesn't have too much trouble with the faceoffs, they should win fairly easily.

The efficiency of Virginia's offense is out of this world. They take advantage of every single chance they get so they don't need to control the ball as much as Duke to win the game.

If they win this game it should be an easy championship.

They will be facing either Cornell or Notre Dame in the Finals (most likely Cornell) and either way that should be a fairly easy win.

Expect the faceoffs and the midfield play to be key in this game. The Bratton brothers may very well be the difference between a title and coming a game short of the Finals.

Another player that is going to need to have a big game if he wants to win is freshman Connor English.

I know him a little bit personally, and I've played against him and seen him play—he is a very talented athlete. Last game against Stony Brook he put away one goal. He should be starting once again, and he is going to need to put a couple in the back of the net.

The Duke defense will be trying to cut off Chris Bocklet and Steele Stanwick, so he should have a number of opportunities.

I think this Virginia vs Duke game will be a great close one with Virginia coming out on top, which will lead to Virginia ultimately winning the title.