UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans Live Blog & Results From Las Vegas

Joshua CareySenior Analyst IMay 29, 2010

LAS VEGAS - MAY 28:  UFC fighter Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson (L) faces off against UFC fighter Rashad Evans (R) at UFC 114: Rampage versus Rashad at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on May 28, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Bleacher Report is live in Las Vegas, Nevada for UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans on Pay-Per-View.

The event is taking place from the sold out MGM Grand Garden Arena and features two former light heavyweight champions in a highly anticipated fight that will determine the number one contender in the division.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is making his return to action after a 14-month layoff to face Rashad Evans who last fought in January at UFC 108.

The stakes are high in this fight as the winner will be awarded a chance to re-gain the light heavyweight championship against current champ, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, later in the year.

Stay tuned throughout the event to receive updates on the evening's fights.

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Preliminary Card:

Jesse Forbes vs. Ryan Jensen

Rnd 1 -Jensen and Forbes engaged where Forbes landed a strong strike standing that dropped Jensen.  Forbes rushed in and was successful in taking Jensen's back but couldn't do much from the position. Jensen got back to his feet and got Forbes in a fight ending guillotine.

Winner - Ryan Jensen (Submission) Rnd 1 

Post fight Jensen explained "I've been given my walking papers once before and I know that I can get them at any time but I'm here to stay this time."

Joe Brammer vs. Aaron Riley

Rnd 1 - Both fighters exchange in the opening seconds and the two are engaged in a battle in the clinch. They separate and Riley lands a head kick but Brammer shakes it off and they are back in the clinch with Riley pinning Brammer against the cage. Riley lands a jumping knee to Brammer's jaw and Riley briefly gets the takedown. Back on their feet Riley continues to control the action along the cage. They separate and Brammar lands a nice right hand body punch and Riley initiates the clinch again. Riley works for a trip and Brammar stuffs it to only be met by a Riley front leg low kick to the groin and the action is stopped. Riley is throwing heavy body kicks that are finding their home on Brammar's ribs. 

Rnd 2 - The two begin the round exchanging on the feet much to the delight of the crowd. Riley takes the center of the octagon and lands a low kick on Brammar's lead leg. Riley initiates the action back to the cage where he is working from the clinch and controlling the action. Riley gets a bodylock and is successful in placing Brammar on his back. Brammar manages to get Riley in full guard but Riley is landing lands (body, body, head). Riley attempts to pass his opponents closed guard but gives up the position in doing so. Back to their feet Riley lands a head kick but Brammar manages to catch it as the round ends.

Rnd 3 - The final round begins with a brief amount of action on the ground but Riley pushes the pace to get the fight back to clinch along the cage and is successful in landing the takedown. Brammar is successful in getting back to his feet and lands a body kick. Riley is the aggressor and avoids Brammar's strikes to get the action back to the clinch where he takes the action to the mat. Riley is working from side control but Brammar once again gets back to his feet. Both fighters stand and trade with Brammar getting the edge as the bell sounds. 

Winner - Aaron Riley (Unanimous Decision) 

Post fight Riley explained "It was really important to get back on the winning track. This is the best organization in the world and I'm always looking to improve."

Luiz Cane vs. Cyrille Diabate

Rnd 1 - Cane takes the center and both fighters are throwing heavy strikes. Diabate backpedals and gets caught by Cane. Cane rushes in but is unsuccessful while there and Diabate manages to get the fight back to the feet. Diabate and Cane exchange with Diabate landing heavy strikes that send Cane to the canvas. Diabate charges in and finishes the fight due to referee stoppage. 

Winner - Cyrille Diabate (KO - Rnd 1) 

Post fight Diabate explained "I do some of my training at Team Quest but I enjoy training in France and I am most comfortable doing most of my training there."

Melvin Guillard vs. Waylon Lowe


Rnd 1 – Lowe briefly takes the center of the octagon but isn’t doing anything with it. With that being said, Lowe shoots for a double leg and Guillard is stuffing it. Lowe still working hard for the takedown but is eating knees from Guillard in the clinch. A huge knee from Guillard drops his opponent where Guillard lands hammerfists. The two break and Guillard lands an inside leg kick on Lowe’s lead leg. Lowe attempts a shot and is met by a devastating knee from his opponent. Guillard jumps on Lowe and the fight is stopped.


Winner – Melvin Guillard (TKO - Rnd 1)

Post fight Guillard explained "First and foremost I want to thank God. We have a phenomenal group of guys and girls at the (Greg) Jackson camp. Best people in the world."

SpikeTV: (9pm ET/6pm PT)

Efrain Escudero vs. Dan Lauzon

Rnd 1 - Escudero eats a low kick from Lauzon and blocks a head kick soona after. Lauzon throws a front kick that misses the spot and Escudero has the center of the octagon. Low kick lands form Escudero and he pushes the action against the cage. Lauzon eats knees from the clinch but manages to stuff a Escudero takedown. Lauzon takes the center of the cage and the two are exchanging. Low kick lands for Escudero and Lauzon misses with follow up strikes. Escudero is now slightly bleeding from his left eye as well. Both fighters have slightly stalled the action out as the round ends.

Rnd 2 - Both fighters come on light on their feet with Escudero landing major shots to Lauzon along the cage. Escudero is landing knees and body shots from the clinch but his opponent is covering up as well as he can. Escudero sees that he is not going to finish the fight from the position so he backs out. Lauzon attempts a takedown but it unsuccessful and Escudero immediately tracks him back down. Lauzon now has his back against the cage and his opponent is stalking him. Escudero gets the thai clinch and lands knees to Lauzon's head and body. Lauzon looks to be tired and Escudero is fresh. Escudero pushes the fight against the cage as the round comes to an end.

Rnd 3 - Lauzon starts the round by taking the center and looking to strike but lands a low blow on his opponent (fight briefly stopped). The two exchange but neither fighter lands anything significant. Escudero now lands a low kick and Lauzon tries to answer with a high kick but it does not land. Escudero lands a few knees and punches to Lauzon in the center of the cage but Lauzon once again survives. Both fighters have been willing to keep the fight on the feet and strike throughout the fight with this round being no different. A stall in action draws boos from the crowd. Inside low kick lands for Escudero and he attempts another but it finds Lauzon's cup. Lauzon drops to the canvas and Escudero is deducted a point by the referee. The action restarts and Escudero charges his opponent and both fighters exchange wildly as the round ends.

Winner - Efrain Escudero (Unanimous Decision)

Post fight Escudero explained "My conditioning was great for this training camp. I'm just not a wrestler anymore. I want to go out there and showcase what I can do."

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Amir Sadollah

Rnd 1 - Kim lands a low kick to begin the round and Sadollah answers back. Kim is now successful in landing a takedown and moves immediately into side mount. Kim is working his right instep to pass Sadollah's half guard but Sadollah manages to get into full guard. Sadollah is controlling Kim's right arm and appears to be working towards a triangle. Kim breaks free and is landing strikes from his opponents closed guard. Kim attempts a pass but Sadollah hits a reversal to move back into full guard. Technical ground work thus far in the opening round. Kim presses Sadollah against the cage and now has the former ultimate fighter winner's back. Kim now has both hooks in but cannot secure a submission while there and the round ends.

Rnd 2 - The second stanza begins with the two exchanging and Kim immediately takes the fight to the Octagon mat. Sadollah cannot stop Kim's jiu-jitsu at this point and Kim advances into side mount. Sahollah sneaks out and gets to his feet where he lands a nice strike. However, in doing so Sadollah gives up position and his opponent brings the action to the canvas. Kim is now working towards a head and arm choke but cannot pass Sadollah's half guard in order to secure the submission. Kim now traps Sadollah's own left arm around his throat and lands a few strikes while there. Sadollah rolls and gives Kim his back in the final seconds.

Rnd 3 - Sadollah comes out the aggressor but gives up the takedown to Kim in doing so. Kim lands in his opponents full guard and lands an elbow while there. Sadollah is pinned against the cage and is working towards a submission but Kim is having none of it. Sadollah pushes away off the cage and spins himself off of it but Kim still maintains in top control. Sadollah escapes and lands a knee but it allows Kim to tie him up along the cage. Sadollah pours it out with punches and knees that mostly find their mark as the final round ends.

Winner - Dong Hyun Kim (Unanimous Decision)

Post fight Dong Hyun Kim explained "Even though I have 13 wins, I'm still young in the game and I'll fight anyone they give me."

Main Card: (Live on Pay Per View)

John Hathaway vs. Diego Sanchez

Rnd 1 - Diego takes the center of Octagon and immediately shoots for a takedown and pins Hathaway against the cage. Diego can't secure the takedown and Hathaway breaks free. Hathaway lands a lead left low kick on his opponent. Diego engages but gets the worse of the exchange. Hathaway rocks Diego with a knee standing that sends him falling to the canvas. Hathaway follows in and lands several strikes from top position. Sanchez survives and pulls into full guard. Hathaway delivers back to back elbows to his opponents chin and another to the body. Diego cannot get off his back and his opponent is ultra aggressive in landing multiple elbows from top control.

Rnd 2 - Hathaway begins the second stanza with head kick that partially lands and a left hook that finds its home on Sanchez's chin. Sanchez lands a body punch as the two exchange but Hathaway seems unfazed. Flying knee attempted by Hathaway but it misses its mark. Diego catches a Hathaway low kick and brings the action to the mat. Sanchez is pressing his opponent against the cage but cannot keep him on the ground. Hathaway escapes Diego's clinch and the two are back striking. Hathaway is getting the better of each and every exchange. In doing so, Diego is bleeding from his nose and appears to also be from his left eye.

Rnd 3 - Final frame starts with a Hathaway body kick that is followed with a counter flurry from his opponent. Diego is very tight and doesn't appear to be finding his range well. Diego shoots but Hathaway shrugs it off and lands a few follow up punches. Diego attempts a double leg but is unsuccessful and both fighters are exchanging punches. Sanchez and Hathaway both are busted up and bleeding badly at this point. Diego flurries and lands punches but Hathaway follows with a brief takedown. Now back on their feet Sanchez attempts a high kick that misses and Hathaway delivers a right hand for his efforts.

Winner - John Hathaway (Unanimous Decision)

Post fight Hathaway explained "It wasn't a strength match. It was more of a speed and reach match. I had a great training camp and I prepared alot."

Jason Brilz vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Rnd 1 - Both fighters touch gloves to begin the round and there is a brief feeling out process through the first minute. Nogueira lands a solid knee to Brilz and follows up almost immediately with another. Brilz catches a Nogueria kick and puts him on his back. Brilz passes to half guard but Nogueira briefly escapes before Brilz places him back on the canvas. Nogueira reverses and the two are now back standing. Low kick lands for Brilz and Nogueira follows with a combination. The two exchange but neither fighter lands significant strikes.

Rnd 2 - Nogueira eats a low kick from Brilz and is placed on his back. Nogueira briefly sinks in a guillotine but Brilz escapes and places the same hold on his opponent. Nogueira defends the submission but Brilz maintains in top control. However, Nogueira reverses Brilz and is now on top. Brilz escapes and the two are clinched along the cage but Nogueira breaks loose. Brilz lands a huge overhand right that connects and attempts a takedown but is unsuccessful. Both fighters are now standing and trading with Nogueira having the upper hand momentarily before Brilz lands a hard right that connects. Brilz and Nogueira are exhausted as the second round ends.

Rnd 3 - Brilz comes out with another patented takedown but is reversed by Nogueira almost immediately and Brilz stumbles away. Nogueira follows after his opponent and stuffs a takedown along the cage. Brilz looks exhausted and misses on another takedown attempt. Both fighters exchange punches with Brilz attempting a takedown only to be met by Nogueira placing him in a crucifex. Brilz manages to escpae the position but is now placed on his back as the fight ends.

Winner - Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (29-29 Brilz, 29-28 Nogueira, 29-28 Nogueira) 

Post fight Nogueira explained "I had to change my game plan. He's a tough guy."

Post fight Brilz explained "Don't boo this guy. He's one heck of a fighter. I left it to the decision of the judges and anything can happen."

Todd Duffee vs. Mike Russow

Rnd 1 - Duffee comes out very aggressive with his strikes and briefly sends Russow to the canvas. Duffee's boxing looks outstanding and he is landing strikes at will. Multiple jabs find a home on Russow's face and Russow is unsuccessful with a takedown attempt. Duffee lands a four punch combination that lands and follows with a left side body shot. Huge right hand lands for Duffee and he stuffs a takedown attempt from his opponent. Jab from Russow lands but does not faze Duffee and Duffee pushes forward. Very sharp striking on display from Duffee as he dominates the first round with his striking.

Rnd 2 - Russow throws a overhand right that misses and Duffee circles away from his opponent. Russow swings, misses, and catches a combination from his opponent. Both fighters are slowing down and Duffee has dropped off significantly at the 2:30 mark in the round. Duffee now backs out and takes a deep breath with one minute left in the round. This round ends with both heavyweights in need of the in between round break.

Rnd 3 - Jab lands for Duffee but Russow pushes forward and does not attempt any offense. Duffee takes the center of the Octagon and lands a jab to Russow but does little damage. Russow presses forward briefly and misses with a combination. Both fighters have stalled out for much of the round and Russow now lands a crushing right hand that sends Duffee straight to the canvas.

Winner - Todd Russow (Knockout)

Co - Main Event of the Night: Dan Miller vs. Michael Bisping

Rnd 1 - Miller starts the fight with a combination that misses. Bisping follows suit and misses with punches himself. Low blow by Miller stops the action very briefly and Bisping is ready to go again. Miller is keeping his hands tight and is using good head movement so far. Bisping is throwing and landing 1-2's to his opponent. Right hand lands for Miller and is followed by a low kick. Bisping circles away from Miller and the two exchange punches. Right hand finds a home for Bisping but his opponent presses forward. Lead left hand misses for Miller and two the engage right as the round ends.

Rnd 2 - Bisping takes the center of the Octagon but Miller lands a low kick on him. Both fighters exchange with Bisping getting the better of it. Lead left head kick by Bisping lands and Miller follows follow suit with a low kick of his own. Bisping throws a right hand that is successful and Miller is bleeding. Bisping seems to of found his range and is picking Miller apart on the feet with crisp boxing. The right side of Miller's face is bloody and he wipes it out of his eye. Both middleweights trade punches as the round ends.

Rnd 3 - The final round begins with a touch of gloves and a hug. Both guys immediately begin to trade punches and Miller lands a clean right hand on his opponent. Bisping circles out and the two continue to make it a battle of striking. Jab lands for Bisping and he throws a combination but misses which allows Miller to take the fight to the mat. Bisping gets to the cage where he wall walks his way to his feet. Bisping takes the center with at the 1:45 mark and both guys miss with punches. One minute left in the fight and Miller attempts a takedown and pins Bisping against the cage. Bisping reverses and backs out of harms way. Both fighters land strikes on one another during the final 15 seconds.

Winner - Michael Bisping (Unanimous Decision)


Rashad Evans vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

Rnd 1 - Rampage comes out takes the center of the Octagon and Rashad lands a huge right hand that sends Rampage stumbling backwards. Rampage recovers as Rashad attacks and Rashad presses Rampage against the cage. Single underhook for Rashad and he briefly drops down for a takedown but is unsuccessful. Referee Herb Dean breaks the two and Rashad is using alot of movement. Big takedown for Rashad and he lands in side mount but Rampage places him into half guard until he wall walks back to his feet. Rashad keeps the clinch along the cage and is working for the takedown. Uppercut from the clinch lands for Rashad but Herb Dean breaks them up. Rampage flurries as the round ends and sends Rashad backwards.

Rnd 2 - Both fighters stand in the middle of the Octagon and exchange combinations. Soon after Rashad initiates the clinch and presses Rampage against the cage. They break and Rampage throws strikes as Rashad backs out. The two circle and Rashad 's gameplan is coming apparent as he attempts another takedown but is unsuccessful. Herb Dean once again breaks the stalled action in the clinch and Rampage takes the center. Left hook misses for Rampage and Rashad now takes center but does not put out any offense. Both fighters stalled in the middle briefly and Rashad lands a body punch which set up another clinch for him. They scramble and Rashad takes the action back to the cage.

Rnd 3 - Rampage comes out with a jab and they circle. Rashad moving along with his back against the cage and Rampage stalking him down. Rashad jumps in with a punch but misses and Rampage knocks him to the canvas. Rampage attacks with punches on the ground but Rashad survives. They are back on their feet and Rashad is now bleeding. Combination by Rashad does minimal damage and he circles away from Rampage's powerful right hand. A takedown for Rashad pins Rampage's head against the cage and he is landing multiple punches. Rampage gives up his back, stands, and Rashad immediately takes him back down. Rashad controls the action from the clinch as the fight ends.

Winner - Rashad Evans (Unanimous Decision)


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