Drug Induced Murder Prefaced With Suspects MMA Affiliation By FOX Sports

Todd JacksonSenior Analyst IMay 28, 2010

Allow me an MMA induced, psychopathic, uncontrollable, unprofessional, rant if you will.  MMA has a hold on me and I just can not control my actions, please stand by. 


Mixed Martial Arts as defined by Wikipedia: a full contact combat sport that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques and skills, from a mixture of martial arts traditions and non-traditions, to be used in competitions.


I might have missed it, but was there something in there that says all mighty uncontrollable actions may stem from mixed martial arts training? 


Did it say MMA will control all actions of who ever partakes in the sport and result in their eminent spiral into becoming a less than respectable human being?


No, it did not say that and the obvious reason is that MMA is a competition based style of training derived from historical application of traditional combat arts.  It is a tool to establish one's self as a competitor in a viable sport.  It is not, I repeat IT IS NOT to be used as a scapegoat excuse every time one of its participants makes a mistake in their life. 


Too many times a human being who happens to practice MMA has done what every single human being ever to exist has done at some point, and made a mistake.  Well instead of blaming the individual, it is their MMA career or aspirations as such that is called into question.


MMA is the new black sheep for all sports media outlets to bash and run through the mud every chance they get. MLB must be loving it as the echoes of Roger Clemens and Jose Conseco bleed into the night while every wrong move mixed martial artists make are ripped and shredded to pieces while some of the most sorry excuses for sports articles are fashioned to destroy the sport's credibility.    


To be quite honest, this MMA witch hunt has grown more than tiresome and has boiled to the point of udder and absolute absurdity.  Quite frankly, it is akin to outright discrimination more so than actual real world reporting on behalf of the pathetic excuses for sports coverage outlets sharing these topics as actual MMA news.


You may be wondering what in the hell it is that I am so obviously perturbed about.  Well look no further than supposed friend and supporter of the MMA community Fox Sports MMA section to see what sparked the fuse to my powder keg of frustration with mainstream MMA coverage.


FOX has in recent years warmed up to MMA in leaps and bounds.  Yours truly has seen more than one of my flagship articles posted there.  Mine are just a few of many others that people I know who love this sport have written for them time and time again.  They look to enthusiasts to tell them what the deal is more so than actually reporting on the sport or god forbid hiring the same analysts they get their information from.   


Fact of the matter is, FOX Sports couldn't find MMA with navigation and a road map.  They are notorious for letting people who truly know the sport cover it for them, at a deep discount I might add, to what schmucks like the hobbit Ken Rosenthal get paid to cover baseball for them.  When they do their own reporting train wrecks like the article in question is the best they can do. 


The headline of their recent article reads "MMA Fighter Wyatt Faces Murder Charge". 


Go ahead, you tell me devout follower of all things MMA, who in the hell is "Wyatt" and what does he have to do with MMA?  Does that name even come close to ringing a bell when it comes to people known across the sport?  Tell me, does he train under Randy Couture, is he a Lyoto Machida protege, did Dana White just hire him for the UFC?


Again the answer is no.  He is nobody that even has the slightest impact on the sport what so ever.  If one were to waste the three minutes of their life it will take to read the toilet paper worthy article regarding the man simply known as "MMA Fighter Wyatt" they would find that his impact on the sport of MMA stops at one pro fight




This guy is supposed to be worthy of being linked to MMA as a mixed martial artist.  As a regional MMA advocate I have met more than my share of guys with five or more pro fights that will never have an impact on this sport who are linked to all sorts of misdeeds as human beings.  Where was FOX when they took their steps out of bounds? 


Maybe if they had done something really news worthy and ripped out a guys eye balls and heart while they were still alive, maybe then they would be worthy of Fox Sports attention.  That's right, this guy mutilated one of his friends while they were doped up on some sort of "mushroom tea" they had been sipping on. 


Seriously, a guy murders and disfigures a friend in a hallucinogenic rage and the biggest point FOX News can find to single out is that he had one pro MMA bout.  Is this really MMA news, is this even sports news?  And just in case you're wondering, this happened somewhere on the " Oregon board" whatever that is supposed to mean, is it a board of MMA crazed drug addicted Oregonians? 


How did this copy make it past the editors desk?  What an absolute joke, and I say that as an amateur sports journalist.


Tell me this fight fan, how many bowling league champions do you think left Rock-N-Bowl some random Saturday night, sloshed to the gills on Miller High Life and Jim Beam only to plow through some pedestrians on his way home to catch the Blue Collar Comedy Tour?


Never heard about that one huh?  Why not? 


Any person who wins money competing in a bowling league or tournament is a pro bowler right?  You never will hear about their mistakes or sporting affiliations.  Have you ever read the headline about how some local golf pro who spent all morning on the greens drinking and golfing only to go home and find his wife in bed with the pool boy and it resulted in assault or even murder?


Again of course you haven't.  So why the hell are we hearing about this schmuck Wyatt and how he killed his friend after they ingested hallucinogens just because he has one pro MMA fight?  WHY?


This is absolute lunacy on all accounts.  Of course the incidents I made up are fictional, but you can rest assured across this country something of a similar nature has taken place at some point or another.  Yet we never saw the headlines "Pro Bowler In Drunken Stupor Mows Down Pedestrians" or "Crazed Pro Golfer Murders Wife and Pool Boy After 18 Holes".


Why in the name of all that is holy is our sport subjected to this type of mindless reporting?  Why is it every time someone with even the slightest affiliation to MMA makes a mistake it is always prefaced with MMA this or MMA that?  


This guy Wyatt is a deeply disturbed and obviously troubled individual.  To do what he did is not something one learns nor takes away from mixed martial arts.  What he did was due to his lack of where with all as a human being and what he did was due to poor personal choices.  It has zero to do with his minuscule and pathetic MMA career.  


So I ask you again FOX Sports, why the hell is this article listed as not only sports news, but MMA news to be specific?  If this is the idea of what MMA reporting at FOX Sports has become, I for one think the entire MMA community should boo you and your joke of MMA staff right off the stage.  


Bottom line is if this is what you're willing to associate with this great sport, we don't need you and can do the job better ourselves.  Oh wait, we are already doing your job for you, so why not just stay out of the way and let the experts do the talking?  Because you obviously don't have the first clue of what this sport is all about.


Allow me to put you up on the game morons.  There are people in this sport working with terminally ill children, inner city youth, fighting against dog fighting, and doing it for free.  If you need something really news worthy about our sport to spend your time writing about, hit me up I would be happy to set you straight on what is really going on in MMA. 


On another thought maybe you should get that dwarf Rosenthal over on the MMA page, even with his hair brained blatantly biased style of reporting he makes sense once in awhile.

This article originally written by hurtsbad.com