MLB: Throwback Uniform Battle Royale

Nick SheSenior Analyst IJuly 21, 2008

An interesting debate came up between a friend myself about a week ago. We were on our trek back to the Chicago suburbs from seeing the Cubs battle on a Sunday afternoon in St. Louis. To kill time on the car ride, the great debate came up...

Of the old-school (throwback) uniforms in the big leagues, who's exactly was the best? The only way to decide this was to set them up as if they were the actual baseball playoffs, so here is what we came up with.

Representing the AL East was the often-overlooked Toronto Blue Jays.  Considering Boston, New York, and Baltimore have been the same way for seemingly ever, and Tampa is new to have a team, this was pretty much a no-doubter. 

The AL Central was a bit more debatable. Of the current teams, a few stuck out.  The KC and White Sox threads during the '80s were the favorites, but which was better? That's what the playoffs are for, as we gave them both a ride to the postseason of old uni's.

The final playoff spot in the AL came down to the West. In a runaway, it was the Oakland A's and their eyesores that we most adored.

To the NL we go, with the East leading the way. The '86 Mets made a run but came up short to the Expos' mid-'80s treat to us all.

In the central again, and we find two representatives. Who can even argue the old-school, "We are a Family" Pirates threads? Didn't think so. The other contenders? Of course the Brewers and Astros, who else? After much debate, we handed it to Houston. Others at least resembled Milwaukee's. Nothing touched the Astros.

In the west, there was no debate, the Padres ran away with it.

So that set up the playoffs.


KC vs. Oakland/White Sox vs. Toronto



Padres vs. Pittsburgh/Astros vs. Expos


Championship Series

White Sox vs. Kansas City/Padres vs. Astros


World Series

Astros over the White Sox