Is The WWE's New Push Of British Wrestlers Down To TNA's Ratings?

Michael PatrickCorrespondent IMay 27, 2010

Now as you all probably know TNA are nowhere close to the WWE in terms of ratings in the U.S.A but if you take a trip across the pond it's an entirely different story. Yes TNA's ratings in the U.K are currentely higher than the WWE's. It may shock you to hear this but what i'm saying is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

This truth of which i speak isn't really the WWE's fault as TNA are situated on the free SKY channel bravo and obviously people don't have to pay extra to watch unlike the WWE which is currentely being shown on Sky sports. Sky sports is a package deal which you have to pay extra for and it gives you five main channels, Sky sports 1, 2, 3, 4 and sky sports news.

Now as you have guessed not everyone buys Sky sports for a variety of reasons but mainly many think it's too expensive. Anyway with these people not having the WWE at the switch of a remote they only have one other option for professional Wrestling and that is none other than the second largest promotion in the world today, TNA.

In the UK we don't get the weekly episode of TNA untill a saturday night where as we get the WWE live on a Monday night/Tuesday morning at 2am due to the time difference. This gives WWE fans who have Sky sports the chance to watch the WWE but it also means that on a saturday night these Sky sports viewers turn to TNA. So TNA have most WWE Sky sports viewers, non WWE Sky sports viewers and of course there loyal fans.

And TNA is quiet well recieved in the U.K and it has a lot of fans. Well this brings me to the question of the above, Is The WWE's New Push Of British Wrestlers Down To TNA's Ratings?

At this Momment TNA have a few British young talent who they have had for a while and are using them well. With Doug Williams X - Divison champion and Rob Terry as Global champion and Terry looks set to become world champion sooner rather than later. This is great for the U.K and we love to see our wrestlers succeed and it helps us connect with the program. Also a main reason for the fans choosing to watch in the U.K.

So let's have a look at the WWE over the last 9 months. We have seen Drew Mcyintyre win Intercontinental gold and we have seen Sheamus get a massive push and become WWE champion. Now i know technically Sheamus isn't British but he's close enough and in fact recieved a lot of coverage on the sun newspaper website for this title victory.  And last but not least the third and final man who has recieved a bit of a push even though he hasn't been given a title as of yet, but it is coming. This man is none other than Wade Barrett.

Yes on NXT Wade has been the best rookie on the show and deserves to be no.1 on the poll. Which in fact is where he has been every since the second poll and is likely going to go on and win the whole show. But let' look at the push he has recieved.

He was given the best pro on the show in the former six time World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho and that has to help you. He has been made to look good in matches and has had good mic time unlike other rookies like Tarver, shefield and even Daniel Bryan. And as i stated earlier he has been ranked no.1 on the poll since the second week.

Now i think and certainly Know the WWE doesn't like to lose to a secondary company anywhere. Vince is a man who always has to be on top of the opponent wherever or whenever.

And one sure way to get British fans to watch the product is to have there own succeed in the company and Vinny Mac knows this. So i think this is the likely reason for the super push of British wrestlers of late. I mean lets have a look at other sports such as boxing. Ricky Hatton was a prime example of the U.K getting interested in the sport because he was a winner. Ricky was and still is one of the most loved and followed boxers in the U.K. Hatton raked in the Sky box office fees in the U.K every time he was in envolved in the ppv.

Again a prime example of the fact that if a British sports person is gaining success people will pay to see it. So having a British Wrestlers main event a ppv it will make British wrestling fans buy them to see if they win or not.

So we have come to the end of the article and i would love to hear your thoughts on this. Are the WWE pushing wretlers of British nationality because they are getting beat by TNA in the U.K?.