Defending the Big Show in his Recent Feud: Role Perfectly Performed

Buzz M.Analyst IMay 27, 2010

Before I start, I'd like to inform all bleaches that Big Show is not my best wrestler. I doubt he would even make an honorable mention in my favorite wrestlers list. The only reason that makes me write this article is to defend him in his recent feud with Jack Swagger. So regardless of what you think about Show as an overall WWE superstar, I'm only concerned about his last feud, which I simply liked.

I'm sure dozens of readers by now are just saying, "WTF??!!! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND??!!! YOU LIKED BIG SHOW??!!!" Well, my answer is, "Yeah I did."

For over a month Big Show has been feuding with the WHC Swagger after Theodre Long named him as the number one contender. I read hundreds of comments with mixed emotions and reactions towards this feud. I'll try to give my own opinion on his performance in this feud and say why I think he was great.

During the first episode of Smackdown following the 2010 WWE Drafts, Theodre Long named Big Show (drafted from RAW) as the new number one contender for the World Heavy Weight Championship. Many IWC members didn't like this choice with each having different takes on it. The majority though shared similar thoughts saying that he doesn't deserve it, and that there are others who deserve it more than him.

Looking at the superstars that were available at that time, I think Big Show was the best choice, especially if it was to be announced this way. I mean for others to be announced as number one contenders, they should go through a tournament first. But giving Big Show the chance directly won't be surprising as his size and looks are enough to make him a credible contender and a persuasive choice. Naming any other contender in this same process would have made it pointless. Choosing Christian would have gone well with IWC, but this means we'll have one of two possibilities: Make Swagger lose and listen to all IWC bleaches criticizing WWE for making him a transitional champion. Or make Christian lose and have peeps crying about the fact that Captain Charisma is nothing but a jobber who's pushing talents at WWE. Same applies to Kofi Kingston. Add to this that CM Punk was still in the SES build up process and in the midst of a feud with Rey Mysterio.  Matt Hardy.... Oh come on, why would WWE do it now? It's not that they finally decided to give him a deserved shot. Drew McIntyre is still working on his "CHOSEN ONE" gimmick which doesn't seem to go well with fans. Undertaker is out.

So there you have it, a wrestler who can really help Swagger go on with his streak, a wrestler who seems as a tough competitor, a wrestler familiar with championship matches who can be directly chosen without having a shocked crowd wondering about this choice, and finally a wrestler who can lose and still be considered as a threat for future competitors. He is no one other than the largest athlete in the world, "The Big Show."

So you think you had enough? not yet.

When I learned that Show is the number one contender, I had the same thoughts others had. "He'll be making Swagger's life miserable showing how strong he is till he loses cleanly at OTL, which will help the upstart champion gain momentum." I thought it would be simply boring to watch this, but it turned out completely different. I know that most of what we saw was predictable, but allow me to give my view on this feud.

Show went on knocking out superstars in his first appearance on SD episode before finally confronting Swagger and adding a new achievement to his other numerous ones, "Early retirement." With this said, Swagger was left lying in the middle of the ring counting stars. Yeah, we all saw it coming but it was interesting.

Show continued with this display of supernatural power which, again, lead to the same end on the next SD show, but this time on the announcers' table. Till now, Show has done enough to prove how intense he is.

In the last two episodes before OTL, we had time to watch Big Show on the mic. He interrupted a promo by Swagger destroying his trophies in the end. Then, he cut promos himself mocking the champion.

I always thought that Big Show is not good at the mic, but when I saw him during those promos, I can say it with great confidence that his mic skills are underrated. I mean why do you think he can't talk? He showed us that he can handle such promos well and make them look entertaining. I liked how he interrupted Swagger, and most importantly I think his promos in the last show where he mocked Swagger weren't boring at all. I think he performed the imitation perfectly, from the way he talks to the smile at the end. I think it was entertaining and I for once thought that Big Show, the superstar whom I can't stand, was really humorous. Yes, he's nothing compared to Stonecold, the Rock or Mr. Vocabulary AKA Chris Jericho. But at least he didn' screw it up.

Finally, we go into the match. Yeah I know it was a disappointment like many other matches at OTL. It wasn't given much time, but more importantly no one expected this end. You think so? After all this domination, you think it's that simple to have Swagger win cleanly? No, I don't think so. I can't say I expected such a conclusion, but I surely saw Swagger winning uncleanly. Yet, it came out completely different with Swagger disqualifying himself and keeping the belt. The match could have been better, but I think it wasn't a very horrible idea to end it this way. Don't forget that DQ's are parts of story lines, and even though I may not be able to defend this stipulation, it seems they wanted to sell Swagger's heel character. But what about Big Show? Will he earn another title shot? Yes he will. But he'll earn it with two other superstars in a fatal four way match.

With Undertaker returning soon, and Punk-Mysterio feud ending, I think we'll be having a row of new contenders seeking the opportunity to snatch a title shot. Come "Fatal Four Way" PPV, Show will definitely be part of the match with two other contenders. This will be the best way to end his chances as he'll be lost between the contenders and end up sharing a loss with two others.

You think I'm crack-brained for choosing such a topic? Maybe, but I only wrote this to give credit to the 7 feet 500 pounds superstar, especially after reading some comments bashing him and describing him as silly and stale, while still having some members liking his segments. We all know that WWE is scripted, and WWE superstars are performers doing what they're asked to do. Big Show had this role to perform, and he definitely performed it perfectly without disappointments. I thought we should give him credit for this. Many people hated it simply because they already hate Show, but not because he was boring. He might be limited, he might be dull, you might hate his overall performance and history in WWE, but he definitely rose back to the top after this feud, and it might be a while before he drops back to the mid-card section. I liked his mic skills and the segments he was involved in. Not to mention that he was over with the crowd.

All said and done, I really appreciate your comments. Don't worry I'm open to all kinds of critics no matter how hard they are. Furthermore, I know I'll be receiving some hot comments due to this controversial article, and many IWC members won't even bother reading it at all. It's not a problem as this is an opinion biased issue. Again, I'm not a fan of Big Show, but I thought that such articles are rarely written and I like choosing debatable topics.