Examiner.com: An update

CJ JamesContributor IMay 27, 2010

I was actually closer to the truth, than I realised, after doing some research on the site.

Actually the truth sickens me more than my original theorizing.

Examiner "correpondents" get paid (a pittance) dependent on how many web hits they can generate for the site.

The more traffic they can generate for the site, the more money that gets put into their Paypal accounts.

I'm hardly talking life changing sums of money here. The top writers supposedly make about $2 a article, as long as it gets 20'000 reads.

But it answers something that's been bugging me for months.

Why are nearly all Examiner.com fan writers raving, pro Pacquiao, anti Mayweather, screamers, who write sensationlist, populist, often incurrate, inflammatory trash, that seems to be written for not other reason than to try and attract as much attention as humanly possible?

Quite simple. They get personally compensated for how much traffic they can bring to the site.

Pacquiao pays big.

Do you feel as ill as I do? That's why guys like Michael Marley just write none stop, pro-Pacquiao, anti-Mayweather, trash. And rarely dare to write on any other subject.

They make more money doing that.

It also brings about another very imporant question. Examiners own guidebook to prospective writers advises them to build up a portfolio of work, on other fan sites to demonstrate that they can generate large numbers of reads.

Lorne Scoggins is now the Examiner.com fan correspondent, for the esteemed town of..................Fort Smith. Must me quite an honour. Of the one person who applied for the role, he got it.

25 of his 27 boxing articles written thus far have either been about Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather, if you needed to ask.

Lorne spent a long time on Bleacher, writing quite divisive, sensationalist stuff on Mayweather and Pacquiao. As an observer, I was pretty convinced he was just writing to generate reads. Not to actually inform, or entertain.

It looks like he passed the audition, and is now making his pennies (literally), trying to get (Asian) web traffic to the site.

Don't go spending that $20 a month you earn all at once Lorne.

So we have a situation on Examiner, that EVERY boxing correspondent is writing pro-Pacquiao/anti-Mayweather articles, as it's the best way to generate web traffic, and make money.

And we also have a heck of a lot of other writers, on other fan sites, writing anti Mayweather/Pro Pacquiao articles, to try and generate reads, so that they can convince Examiner to let them slave their asses off for $1 an article.

The whole fan-site world is Pacquiao mad.

That's why, everywhere you go, it's just a none stop barrage of idiocy.

As every single writer is either:

1: Writing on Examiner

2: Trying to generate reads so that they can qualify for Examiner

3: Believing the fake stories Examiner writers create to generate reads from Asia.

A very smart reader, below, made a very smart comment. I'll let you find it yourself, but he really is bang on the money.

Welcome to the capatalist paradise that is the USA. A bunch of white guys, cashing in on Asia.