Randy Orton is the Next Stone Cold

The Animalistic-Viper LP23Correspondent IMay 26, 2010

Randy Orton and Stone Cold both share a lot of similarities.

They both are named after snakes—Orton is The Viper and Austin is The Texas Rattlesnake. Jim Ross was the man that named Orton The Viper; Jim Ross is also Austin's best friend.

They both wear the same in-ring attire, both don't wear elbow pads but knee pads along with black trunks and long black boots.

Both of there theme songs get the crowd excited and ready to go, Austin Glass Shattering Theme and Orton's Voices.

They both are also anti-heroes and don't give a damn about anybody, and don't trust anybody.

They both attack random people for no reason.

They both have a swagger, and they have the staring eyes that make them seem weird, creepy, and mysterious.

They have entertaining face emotions.

They both shake their heads around like snakes, Orton usually does it when he's getting ready for the RKO, Austin does it when your on the ground from a Stunner. Both finishing moves are very similar, the RKO and Stunner.

They both have had problems with the McMahon Family. Orton punted the entire family, while Austin stunned the entire family.

They both simply do whatever they want to do anytime they want to. Austin just did it in a way no one would imagine. He did some crazy memorable stuff that made him a legend.

They both had skull t-shirts and smoking skulls. Orton has an oxygen mask t-shirt, by the way.

They both have poses that everyone loves to do, Austin's Middle Finger Pose and Orton's Legend Killer Pose.

Both started off with the Intercontinental Championship and then rose to the main event to become WWE Champion.

When they both were heels, they got more cheers than they got boo's. Everyone thinks they're both total bad asses in every way shape or form.

Orton Gimmick was a pyscho man and just attacked everybody, Austin had an "I don't Give a Damn" attitude and I do whatever I want to do.

As for the gimmicks, everyone loves their gimmicks. Austin 3:16, Orton 360. Orton could use 360 for when he turns around and taunts and gets ready for the RKO. Orton 360 just said, you got RKOwened. The crowd gets excited when they both come out and when they are on the offense when they are wrestling.

Both are great wrestlers, Orton might be more agile, however they can both get the crowd going. No matter their heel or face, they are going to get cheers. Austin is the smash mouth get in your face, Orton is the same way but he doesn't talk as much. They both are just cool and everyone wants to be like them.

Both have had great feuds that are interesting along with classic matches, they both bring the excitement to the crowd. Who remembers that Austin Shirt with his middle finger pose and on his arms it was snakes, WWE could make a shirt with Orton's Pose with Vipers on his arms.

Randy Orton or Stone Cold, Viper or Rattlesnake, Austin 3:16 or Orton 360, RKO or Stunner. Orton has so many similarites to Austin its unbelievable. When will WWE make Orton the Real Face of the WWE instead of Cena? 

Orton is getting better and better every week. By the end of this year Orton will be the top face and main eventing WrestleMania XXVII. Do you agree with the similarities between Orton and Austin?

Randy Orton is the Stone Cold of this generation without the attitude . Austin is one of a kind and there will never be another Austin, but Orton is the best thing since Austin. Cena or Batista, Randy Orton, the Legend Killer, Apex Predator Viper. Randy Orton is more of a silent assassin rather than smash mouth S.O.B.

If WWE realizes this soon, it will mean bigger and better things for them. If WWE builds Orton week after week, his popularity will rise.

Orton just might be the next Austin, no one knows. Randy Orton has a mature character that any audience, kids, teenagers and adults can connect with.

I bet if Vince wants his old fans back and better matches in main events, he will make Orton the man and top guy of the company. How about if Vince McMahon came back on TV and had a long feud with Randy Orton? That would be interesting.

Randy Orton is the future of this business and the future is now. He may not even have to be WWE Champion until WrestleMania, just let the crowd development and grow with him. And I bet Orton will finally be the guy on the posters and magazines, the true top dog, like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Randy Orton equals Stone Cold, even if you hate to admit it-its the truth.