No Gimmicks Needed: Why Are All The Superstars The Same?

Blair T-BContributor IMay 26, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15. The Undertaker enters the arena during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

Hello Bleacher Report, long time no writing. Anyway, I decided to write an article while waiting for my next WWE Raw fix to load up on youtube and after some light reading in my archives, I've decided on my topic to write about. We have a recent influx of just normal wrestlers, with no real identity to make them stand out. I believe gimmicks would make some of these wrestlers at least more memorable, but to be fair we are in the age of PG, and gimmicks are few and far between in wrestlers.

Remember the days with "The Real American" Hulk Hogan, a bunch of foreign guys, The Rock, Stone Cold and a bunch of other guys who actually had gimmicks? Now days, we have "superstars" who just seem to conform to the average person image. The first instance i see of this is the name. I've noticed that all the wrestlers seem the same, the gimmicks are just normal everyday wrestlers. Trent Baretta and Caylen Croft are an example, whats their gimmick? they play Playstation. Wow, now thats a gimmick. Quick comparison... The Undertaker is the phenom of death valley, and Trent and Caylen play guitar hero in their spare time, now please leave a comment and name me the jobber/jobbers in this sentence. Maybe that was a loaded question, but for reasons I can not comprehend, Vince keeps sending out wrestlers that just all look and sound the same.

Some are lucky, they are already different. Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase are sons of Hall of Famers, Drew McIntyre and Shaemus are foreigners, what do the others have? Dolph Ziggler, whats his gimmick? Hi his name is Dolph Ziggler, I used to be a male cheerleader?  How about Zack Ryders, woo woo woo you know it, I'm an idiotic joke of a jockstrap?

I've always believed that the key to a good wrestler is their personality, and their personality stems from their gimmick. The Undertaker would have never been The Undertaker without gimmicks, a star like that would never have made it now because it just seems to unrealistic to the younger fans of today. But that is a very "out there" gimmick, and because The Undertaker is so respected from his hard work and years of service, their is both a mix of respect and fanfare for The Undertaker, even if everyone knows The Undertaker is just a man, and he's very much alive.

To be fair though, the times of PG still have their gimmicks, though these usually apply to the top stars, who have built these gimmicks on the nothing they were given at the beginning of their career. Randy Orton is The Viper, he was The Legend Killer and he used to be some pretty boy son of the Cowboy Bob Orton, the "evolution"(haha, clever pun intended) of his character has been immense, and in my opinion his evolution increased his ability to get to the top. John Cena is another evolution prospect, from the rookie with ruthless aggression to the rapper to the solider he is today, he is the epitome of how evolution from no gimmick to a gimmick can send a wrestler to the top. Here's a comparison to one of the former golden boys of the IWC, Shelton Benjamin went from rookie to mommas boy to "The Gold Standard", that was a talented rookie with no mic skills, the talented mommas boy who used his mommas mic skills and than a talented wrestler who died his hair gold all with his no mic skills intact. Shelton's character basically made no gain in about 7 years, and i believe that was part of his downfall.

Some wrestlers began with no gimmicks, and they grew one as the were in the company. I hope that is the same for the wrestlers now, because we need personality in the WWE. With personality, the feuds will be better, the matches will be better and I'll offer one more comparison with a wrestler from a wrestling company I don't usually make reference too.

Elijah Burke was a up and comer on ECW, back in 2006. Then he went to TNA, adopted his Pope gimmick, and his mic skills were so much better, because partly i believe he is given more mic time, and because he has a really cool gimmick. He is a much better superstar then i thought he could be.

Gimmicks add variety to matches, why can't the WWE management just give some of these average wrestlers gimmicks? Al Snow is an example of an average superstar having been given a gimmick, and he became entertaining, even if he was never a main carder or even a mid carder, he was just an entertaining jobber. But wouldn't we as fans enjoy a match where even if we knew the jobber would lose, at least he was entertaining and different. Ahh well, thank god for Santino I guess.

Thank you very much for reading my article, please leave a comment