The Doctor's PR Rub: Bloomberg Sports Goes Mustache

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IMay 26, 2010

[Every day, stories spread throughout the sports world of another athlete or coach or team involving themselves in situations that inevitably need some PR spin. Regardless of the severity of these issues, our very own Dr. Aaron Perlut will be there to analyze the situation and offer up some free professional advice. Because if there is anything comparable to Dr. Aaron's knowledge of mustaches, it's his knowledge of public relations ]

It’s no secret that traditional media is struggling as consumers find new channels to surf. That’s one reason why nearly 150,000+ visitors come to JoeSportsFan each month. Efforts are being made by old-school outlets to right the ship—one example of which is the Bloomberg wire service’s sports division—which has launched an interesting mouth brow foray called “Mustrash Talk” featuring old friend Keith Hernandez.

In essence it is a video site, each beginning with the statement, “When your friends belittle your team, it’s trash talk. When your friend gets Keith Hernandez to belittle your team, it’s Mustrash Talk.”

Because it features lower nose accouterments, it’s clearly a good start; however, the overall execution isn’t great. Of the 40 or so mustache-tinged videos on the site, not one really makes you laugh. And you know my qualifications to judge mustaches and lip warming-based humor are impeccable .

I wanted to learn more, so I tracked down the head of Bloomberg Sports —Bill Squadron—whose name means he’s clearly fit for action sports, “Star Wars” prequels, and low quality yet soft-core pornography.


Q: Traditional media, including wire services, is working through challenging times right now. In the larger scope of things, how is Bloomberg realigning its model to compete in today’s market?

Captain Squadron: I cannot speak for the entire company, but with respect to Bloomberg Sports, we are looking to reach fans across multiple platforms. Because our product is web-based, the majority of our marketing and advertising has been to an online audience, but we are also launching a mobile app and doing some things with Baseball Clubs and in stadiums. We also previewed the Bloomberg Sports Baseball tools to bloggers before we actually launched the full version of the product.


Q: How does the new Bloomberg Sports feature “Mustrash Talk” fit into this strategy?

Squadron Commander: It conveys the message that our product will add to the fun and social experience of sports fans, especially fantasy players while our analytics provide great insight. It’s about having a good time.


Q: Have you been pleased with the initial results and how do you see the campaign playing out?

Squadronious Monk: We launched last week and it has begun to spread through the Internet, Facebook and Twitter. Blogs like yours are also commenting on it. It is doing what we expected it to and we are pleased with the results. I am particularly interested in seeing which of the videos people really enjoy.


Q: Obviously humor is a strong medium through which to reach a sports audience. Why did you settle on mustaches as the muse?

Red Leader Squadron: Well, we actually chose Keith before we chose his mustache.  After we had shown him the tools and he thought they were great, we approached him about becoming a Bloomberg Sports spokesperson and he agreed. We then came up with the idea of doing something clever and funny for fans and since Keith’s mustache is such a well recognized symbol it was a natural fit for the social trash talking side of fantasy. ###MORE###


Q: Have you ever rubbed against Keith Hernandez’s mustache?

Busty Squadron: (laughing) No…never. And it’s not one of my goals.


Q: Why on God’s green earth did you not think to partner “Mustrash Talk” with the bravest organization in the history of mankind behind only the U.S. Military and post-Jim Henson MuppetsThe American Mustache Institute?

The Squad: That is a great idea. We will definitely approach them after we talk to the Army and the Muppets.

Here’s a taste of Mustrash Talk:

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