Possiblity:Where Will Favre End Up?

Eddie GriffinSenior Analyst IJuly 20, 2008

As the Brett Favre-Green Bay Packers saga continues, speculation is running rampant as to what the end result of this battle will be. Favre has asked the Packers for his release and intends to play for someone this year. The Packers on the other hand, have said they will not release him and prefer that he doesn’t come out of retirement. All of the back and forth bickering has led to many speculating that Brett Favre will ultimately be traded. There are a lot of very interesting possibilities for #4.

So what team would want Favre at the helm for them in 2008?

Tampa Bay Bucs-The Bucs seem to be a favorite among most to be the ones to land Favre. They do have Jeff Garcia, Brian Griese and Luke McCown, but Favre would definitely be an upgrade on all three. The Bucs are solid team that went to the playoffs last season and play in the NFC South, where anything can happen. Rumors have swirled that he would like to play in the South closer to his Mississippi home and Tampa Bay would fit that requirement. At the moment, he does not appear to be interested in the Bucs. Odds to land Favre: 10-1

Carolina Panthers-Another team in the NFC South, the Panthers could be interested. They are a great quarterback from contending, at least for a playoff spot and played with a number of different quarterbacks in 2007. Jake Delhomme is a decent starting QB, but he is returning from elbow surgery and might not be as effective as he once was. He's also not Brett Favre. The Panther fit Favre's supposed requirement of being in the South. Although, Carolina GM Marty Hurney has reportedly dismissed a report that Favre would be interested in coming to play for the Panthers. Odds to land Favre: 60-1

Baltimore Ravens-The Ravens appear to be entering the Joe Flacco era at quarterback. With the aging defense still being competitive for another year or two, Baltimore could hold off on rebuilding for another year and go for it with Favre in 2008. Rebuilding often takes time and the Ravens could very well be tempted to go for one last hurrah before they need to rebuild the entire team. Odds to land Favre: 15-1

Minnesota Vikings-The Vikings would be the perfect team for Brett Favre to end up with, except that they play in the NFC North alongside Green Bay and are one of the Packers' biggest rivals. Tavaris Jackson struggled at times in 2007, but he is a talented, young quarterback that is still learning the NFL game and the Vikings seem to have confidence in him heading into the season. The Vikings appear to be a solid quarterback away from being true Super Bowl contenders. Minnesota is also currently under investigation for tampering in an effort to get the Mississippi native. Odds to land Favre: 9-1

Buffalo Bills-The Bills are rapidly gaining momentum as a favorite among many to land Favre. The Bills are high on Trent Edwards, but he is still developing and a year under Favre could do wonders for the young QB. There are rumors that Favre would like to continue to play for a team that often plays in cold weather and Buffalo would fit the bill (no pun intended). The Bills also have the potential to grab the final wild card spot in the AFC and that could draw Favre to them. This could be an attractive option for the Packers. Odds to land Favre: 100-1

Chicago Bears-The Bears have needed a quarterback for years and their QB problems have been well documented. The Bears would love to have Favre, but hell would have to freeze over before anyone would ever see Brett Favre in a Bears uniform. There is little chance the Packers deal him to their NFC North rivals. Odds to land Favre: 15-1

Atlanta Falcons-The Falcons are highly unlikely to land Brett for many reasons. The Falcons are terrible and in full rebuild mode. Favre could be a great mentor for Matt Ryan to learn under, but the only reason he would want to come to the Falcons is because of their southern location. It would be an incredible story if he did end up where it all began in Atlanta. Odds to land Favre: 40-1

Miami Dolphins-Another southern team that Favre might show interest in is Miami. Bill Parcells loves his proven veteran quarterbacks and with only unproven QBs in camp, he might make a push for the legendary Favre. For the same reasons as to why he won't end up in Atlanta, can be applied here. The Dolphins are horrible and rebuilding for the future. Odds to land Favre: 15-1

New York Jets-Brett Favre playing in the Big Apple would be incredible.There will be an open competition for the stating QB spot come Jets training camp and Favre would win it by just showing up. The Jets have some good pieces in place, but would need a drastic turn around to be labeled as contenders for the playoffs in the very tough AFC. An interesting note is that in their off-season spending spree the Jets picked up former Packer, TE Bubba Franks. Favre could make the Jets a contender leading New York to be considered a viable destination for the legend. Odds to land Favre: 60-1

Detroit Lions-Favre would be a definite upgrade over Jon Kitna in Detroit. He would probably also have a lot of fun throwing to the Lions' talented, young receivers. The Lions started last year at 6-2 before finishing the year at 7-9. Detroit might actually meet Kitna's win predictions if they added Favre. Detroit plays in the NFC North with the Packers and that will probably eliminate them as a possible destination. Odds to land Favre: 30-1

Washington Redskins-The Redskins' moves are often hard to predict with Dan Snyder running things. It would not be surprising to anyone if Snyder made an effort to get Favre. They do have Jason Campbell as their starting QB and new Head Coach Jim Zorn has given his full support to Campbell. Campbell has shown promise, but is still learning and could learn even more under the tutelage of Favre. Zorn is installing a West Coast offense, which is coincidentally Favre's bread and butter. The Skins will likely fall back into the pack in 2008 after making the playoffs last year. They are a little light on star power to contend and Favre would easily lift that. Keep an eye on Washington, crazier things have happened there. Odds to land Favre: 35-1

There are obviously other options out there, but they all appear highly unlikely. Favre is likely to play just one season if he returns and will want to join a team that has a chance at contending. That will eliminate some of the bottom feeders. There are also teams that already have star quarterbacks and wouldn't even look Favre's way and then there are teams that are building for the future with youngsters and aren't looking for a one year fix. Although, if Favre is still available, some of these teams might become interested during the season if injuries pile up.

It must be remembered that this is all just speculation and swirling rumors. Brett is supposedly threatening to show up to Packers training camp, so he might just end up wearing the green and gold come September 8th when the Packers host the Vikings in their opening game.

Where will you place your bet?

* Due to the wide range of odds as to where Favre will land, the betting odds in this story were compiled from a number of different sources and averaged out.