AC Milan and Chelsea Exchange Conflicting Reports: Kaka Transfer Saga Continues

Nick PiccolinoCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2008

With the beginning of a new week comes new stories regarding the "bidding war" for Kaka.

Milan stated that team president Silvio Berlusconi has rejected Chelsea's staggering offer for the Brazillian midfielder. The numbers involved range from anywhere between 100 and 150 million Euros (an offer Milan VP Adriano Galliani referred to as "conspicuous").

It would make sense for Milan to have rejected such an offer, as Kaka is considered by many to be the best in the world.

Chelsea quickly retorted by saying they had never made an offer to Milan to begin with (while at the same time making their interest in Madrid forward Robinho quite clear). With a star studded midfield, it would be easy to take Chelsea for their word and assume they have no interest in Kaka's services.

But, we all know better then that.

One can infer a few things from Chelsea's comments. Essentially, it would make sense for them to pursue Kaka. After a heartbreaking loss in the Champions League Finals, signing Kaka would immediately give Chelsea a much needed boost in the arms race that is the Premier League. It would give the team that competed for the Premier League title (till the last day no less) an even better midfield to work with.

Furthermore (as fellow Bleacher Reporter Matthew Hagon mentioned in response to my previous article), this may mean the end for some of the old guard at Stamford Bridge, namely Ballack or Lampard.

With Lampard entering his walk year without any rumblings of an extension, a push for Kaka would, in all likelihood, bring with it a Lampard transfer (and assumed contract extension) wherever he ends up. As for Ballack, he's on the wrong side of thirty, and I could see him moving back to Germany to finish up his career

I'm looking forward to seeing where both sides go from here. In my opinion, given the kind of money Chelsea is willing to offer, Milan has to take the deal (though the fan in me is hoping that they don't).