Tracy McGrady, Josh Smith, and Ron Artest? Detroit Pistons Trade Watch, Day 49

Anthony OrlandoCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2008

Joe Dumars continues to work those phones.

The Pistons' President of Basketball Operations, if you believe the media, is reaching out to anyone and everyone he can, in the hope of improving the Detroit Pistons basketball team, and shaking up a core that has been together since 2004.


Rumor No. 1: Josh Smith to Detroit via sign and trade

The newest reports come from well-known Detroit reporters such as Drew Sharp, Rob Parker and others, saying a sign-and-trade involving the Atlanta Hawks for Josh Smith is brewing.

Who would be involved in the trade is unclear, but it seems there is at least some talk going on.  Smith has adamantly stated he does not want to play for Atlanta next season.

Stay tuned—this one seems to be picking up some steam.


Rumor No. 2: Tracy McGrady won't go away

In a segment yesterday on ESPN, well-known basketball insider Stephen A. Smith reiterated that McGrady to Detroit is plausible.

"There have been rumors circulating about the Detroit Pistons' interest," Smith said on SportsCenter.  "I can tell you, regardless of what you're hearing, there is some definite interest."  Smith said the trade would likely involve Chancey Billups and Tayshaun Prince going to Houston for McGrady.   "McGrady wouldn't have a problem with that," Smith said.  

McGrady feels like he is a winner either way, whether he stays in Houston or is traded to Detroit, according to Smith.

Whether the trade goes down our not, Smith is a very credible NBA insider who has reliable information.

This is one rumor that is not going away. Stay tuned—this could be the big move the Pistons have been waiting for.


Rumor No. 3: Andris Biedrins still on Detroit's radar

The Golden State Warriors recently made an offer to restricted free agent Ronny Turiaf of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Reports out of Detroit say if the Lakers do not match the offer, Detroit can swipe in and sign Biedrins for the mid-level exception.

Biedrins has been on Detroit's radar as of late.

Previous rumors stated that Golden State and Detroit were in discussions involving a trade.

But Golden State only wanted to offer up Al Harrington. The Pistons wanted Biedrins.

However, now that Golden State is going after Turiaf, and if they indeed do sign him, it becomes likely that something could go down involving Biedrins.

Update: LA has decided not to match Golden State's offer for Turiaf.


Rumor No. 4: Pistons interested in Ron Artest? 

If a deal for Ron Artest goes down, it will be a day that will go down in infamy in Detroit.

Ron Artest a Piston, after the Pacer-Piston brawl? Never in a million years, right?

Well, not according to the Sacramento Bee, who is citing a source within the Pistons as saying they are interested in trading for Artest.

The rumor shows of nothing concrete, and the writer even says it has only been confirmed by one source. So until we hear something more, this might be the least credible rumor.

But, stranger things have happened...


As we get deeper into the offseason it seems the trade rumors are heating up for the Pistons.  Any day there could be a Blockbuster deal that will shakeup a couple of NBA teams.

Check back soon for the latest trade talk. There certainly is enough of it


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